#10Things to Ask Your Clients After Quarantine


Wow! Welcome to August. I’m going to go ahead and say it–this has been a strange, and challenging, year for the industry and our personal lives. For many of us, our businesses are operating differently than ever before and our day-to-day routine hasn’t returned to “normal.” This is the same for our clients. Consider evolving your consultation into a wellness check. Here are #10things you can discuss with your clients during their in-person or virtual visit.

1. How many hours are you sleeping every night? We know stress and lack of sleep can impact the skin; however, clients often don’t make the connection. Educate your guests and help create a relaxation plan.

2. Has your daily routine changed? This may effect their ability to follow their current home-care routine.

3. Have you experienced any changes in your skin? Breakouts, chapped skin from wearing a mask and sensitivity are a few skin challenges that have surfaced during the pandemic.

4. Have you increased your alcohol, or recreational drug use? If your client trusts you, they will tell you. This is a time to educate, not judge. Explaining how inflammation affects the skin may encourage them to make some lifestyle adjustments.

5. Are you cleansing your skin every evening, morning or both? Understanding how your client cares for their skin at home will help you develop the appropriate regimen.

6. How much water do you drink and how often? Help your client understand the benefits of consistent water consumption. Many of us are finding that by wearing a mask, we are drinking less water throughout the day.

7. How do you describe your stress (or anxiety) level? I love asking this because it allows the clients to tell us how they are feeling. Avoid asking the client to go into details; you want them to relax.

8. Does your skin ever feel tight/oily? If your client answers yes, follow up by asking them when. Use this information to customize the treatment plan.

9. How is your “gut” health? A healthy gut equals healthy skin. Diets that include colorful veggies, low sugar and clean ingredients will help reduce inflammation.

10. What would you like from this experience? If we ask and listen, clients will tell us how to provide the best customer service.

Enjoy getting to know your client through open ended questions and by intently listening. Clients need us now more than ever.

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