Talking Anti-Stress in the Spa


We are a fast-moving, fast-paced society that carries a lot of stress. Stress can be the leading cause behind many skin issues you see in the treatment space. This article will delve into how stress effects the skin and the body, how to address stress with spa services and even how to educate clients on stress.

The Interconnected Body

The body is interconnected, and stress effects all of its systems. Your stress response in the body is the adrenaline glands that release stress hormones and the anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol. The human body is capable of reacting to stress but not non-stop. The stress response in our body is there for approximately the 20 minutes it takes you to overcome it. If a person has constant stress, the body eliminates adrenaline regularly to constantly signal its systems that it is in harm’s way. It prepares the body to escape stress by releasing excess energy stores for it to run faster and stronger than normal. But, with all the stress, the hormones eventually deplete because the body can’t produce enough to stay ahead of the daily inflammation. As a result, the client will experience aches, pains and fatigue that continue to be amplified.

Constant extreme stress on the body’s systems leaves the body with everything from leaky gut to fibromyalgia, polycystic ovarian syndrome and cystic acne, all of which can cause reactions on the skin and body, such as aches, pains, erythema, inflammation hives, blisters, acne, skin sensitivities and more.

Your body knows how to be well and will attempt to heal itself. The key is to be more self-aware and become a good listener to the body. The body will show us what it likes and does not like. Stress is a part of life, and what matters is how you handle it.

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Cynthia Malcom-Taylor, an internationally certified CIDESCO diplomat, is the founder of Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education and Consulting Group. She also is the founder of Queen Taylor Cosmeceuticals. She has over 20 years of experience in the esthetic industry, and she continues to help strengthen professionals in the esthetic industry.

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