Gifts That Keep Them Coming and Glowing


Have you ever had a retail or service experience that was so good you had to tell others? One of my personal favorites is when I purchased a pair of designer shoes from an online retailer. The buckle broke on the shoe, and I needed to have it repaired or replaced. I took the shoes to the local retailer (where I did not purchase the shoes), and they accepted the return and gave me full credit with no questions asked. I even told them I did not purchase the shoes there, but they insisted it was okay because they had a relationship with the shoe manufacturer, and they would take care of it. I have since purchased several pairs of shoes, suits, shirts, gifts, etc. at this retailer.

How do we as clinic/spa owners provide a similar type of experience to our clients that will lead to client loyalty and have them saying, “I love my clinic!” Below are several gifts to give our clients that will not only provide a positive customer experience and keep them coming back, but also do not break the bank. Additionally, we will review the items that should never be given away unless due to extenuating circumstances.

The best gifts are always the unexpected ones. The feeling of surprise in and of itself is part of the gift. Many times, the anticipation of a gift can lead to a better experience than receiving the gift itself. How many of us love the build-up of the holidays, but then there is a shift of post-present-opening twilight, now void of anticipation. We love the gifts but no longer experience that buzz of excitement from anticipating what could be in those boxes. These are both great examples of how we can manage our client’s expectations and give the best gifts possible.

Let us review the best (low-cost) gifts for unsuspecting clients.

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Drew Coleman is the vice president of education and sales for DMK International. His 17-year career has been dedicated to helping businesses grow and loves the esthetics industry because of the passionate business owners he works with every day.

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