Editor Tips: Turning One Year Older

Birthday Cake Celebration
Skin Inc.'s managing editor shares her tips for turning 30.
Ruth Black

This month marks an exciting milestone for me. I've finally made it to the 30, Flirty and Thriving Club. Growing up, turning 30 was treated as if it was the end of an era, but that couldn't be less true. I've never been more excited for a birthday, or to see what the next decade of my life has in store for me. My 20s were such a period of growth for me, and while I still have a lot more to experience, I wanted to share some of the lessons I learned before turning 30. 

1. Age Is Just a Number

This may seem like an obvious one, but growing up with the fear of turning 30 and being "old," was so engrained in our minds, especially for women. Now that I am almost 30, I've learned that age truly is only a number. Thanks to my skin care routine and effort to live a healthy lifestyle, I haven't found myself being hindered by my age, and I won't let it hold me back. 

2. Keep Moving

One major change I actually did notice between being in my early to late twenties was how stiff my body would get if I was inactive. It's been so important for my overall physical and mental health to just keep my body moving, and this doesn't necessarily mean intensive exercise. I've fallen in love with yoga, long walks and pilates. As long as I keep my body moving (and specifically stretch), I notice a huge difference in my overall energy levels, body mobility and mental health. 

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3. Be A Flower

This was a big lesson I learned more recently in life. We live in a society that is always trying to get us to compare ourselves to our peers and counterparts. I've taken the stance now that I am going to be a flower because a flower doesn't look around to see how the flowers around it are growing, it simply blooms. In my 30s I want to just bloom.

4. Boundaries Are Healthy

Boundaries can be hard to implement both in a professional and personal space. But, there is no shame in setting boundaries for yourself, whether that has to do with your clients or in your personal relationships. Setting boundaries can be crucial for a happy and healthy work environment.

5. Old Dogs New Tricks

We've all heard the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." I think this is a complete fallacy, and in fact, I encourage you to always continue to try and learn new tricks. This is especially true for the spa industry. It is constantly advancing and continuing to educate yourself on the changes is crucial.

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