#10Things That Inspire Future Estheticians


Remember when you first started thinking about being a skin care therapist and the dreams you had for the industry? I asked my students what motivated them to be an esthetician. Keep in mind, these students all started a “touch” career during a time when we were all asked to be physically distant. Here are #10Things that inspired the next generation to join our industry.

1. Bad experience. I purchased a wax kit online and waxed myself and my boyfriend. We both had bleeding. I started researching online and realized I needed my license. The more I researched, the more I wanted to learn. Raneisha, age 23

2. Acne problems. I had acne as a teen. The dermatologist put me on Accutane and made me feel like the acne was my fault. I didn’t feel comforted or safe. I decided I wanted to make sure no one else ever felt that way. Pheobe, age 20

3. Makeup. I’ve always been into makeup, and that lead me to skin care. I’m a social person, and I wanted to combine the two. Schweata, age 20

Makeup looks best with good skin. I also wanted to be an esthetician because of my love of makeup. Jill, age 54

4. Spreading joy. I was going through a dark time in my life, and I created a self care checklist for myself. It was basic, like get up, wash your face, etc. The routine of washing my face and taking care of my skin was really enjoyable. I want to pay that forward. Stephanie, age 32

5. Passion. My passion for skin, schedule flexibility and career opportunities drew me to the industry. I have kids and wanted to be able to do both. — Adaina, age 34

6. Friend referral. I was getting tired of bartending, and my friend who had been an esthetician for 10+ years kept telling me to do it. She said I looked like and esthetician, and I was already into skin…so here I am! Sidney age 25

7. Education. I love skin. I want to be able to educate people. We all have the ability to look good and have healthy skin, and I want to be able to help clients. Victoria, age 18

8. Customer service. I was always told I had great customer service skills, and I wanted to be able to combine that the power of touch. I want to be able to provide personal services with creativity. Edna, age 25

9. Skin issues. Having my own skin issues started my curiosity. And then, I was like, life is too short to sit behind a desk and send e-mails. I want to do something I love. Grace, age 33

10. Destiny. I’ve been in the industry doing hair (braiding, wigs and extensions). I was hearing about everyone else’s dreams and decided to follow my own dreams. I’m taking control of my destiny! Marlana, age 31

Imagine starting beauty school online and learning all theory first, before you could even touch anyone. As a result of COVID-19, they all started school in their homes at the kitchen table and/or bedroom. This is the next generation, not afraid to go for their dreams. They have faith that the industry will recover and so should we!


Founder and owner of the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology since 2002, Deedee Crossett is an industry pioneer for raising the bar of undergraduate education for cosmetologists and estheticians. She can be reached at www.facebook.com/deedee.crossett and Twitter @DeedeeCrossett #10things.

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