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Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Clients?

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Looking for the perfect gift for your clients this holiday season? Look no further! Give your clients the gift of health with a copy of Nourish Your Skin & Body with Traditional Chinese Medicine. And while you're at it, pick up a gift for yourself, too!

Purchase the Traditional Chinese Medicine Bundle and receive:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: Esthetician’s Guide for YOU
  • Nourish Your Skin & Body with Traditional Chinese Medicine for YOUR CLIENT

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Esthetician’s Guide

Educating yourself, as well as your client, is the key to selling and up-selling your services. By incorporating one or two aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will add value to both your business and yourself professionally. Interesting ideas and concepts can be found throughout the book that can be used to help you have better insight to assessing possible skin conditions associated with diet.

Tell your clients how they can relax and create inner peace during a stressful time by exercising Qigong Meditation and teach them easy steps to do 15-minute at-home Facial Acupressure Massage.

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Tell them about herbs and winning soup recipes that will nourish the organs and blood and improve their energy.

The more you know and can share with your client, the more they will come to value you and your services. Promote harmony, relieve stress and beautify your client on the inside to bring beauty to the surface!

Nourish Your Skin & Body with Traditional Chinese Medicine

This book will give your clients skills to relax, tone and keep their skin looking vibrant and youthful between visits to your spa. Your expertise, guidance and patience combined with the education provided in this book is a powerful, winning combination.

Purchase the Traditional Chinese Medicine Bundle today!


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