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Creating a Routine for Reactive Skin

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Reactive and sensitive skin can be hard to find a routine for.

If clients follow a these cardinal rules, creating a routine for reactive skin can be a lot easier. 

According to MBG, it's all about the skin's barrier. Focusing on repairing and protecting it can help client's find a skin care routine that works for their sensitive skin.

1. Repairing Cleanser

It's important to take care the skin's barrier, so aim for cleansers that have ingredients that can help to rebuild the barrier such as antioxidants and maracuja oil.

2. Exfoliate Gently

Exfoliation is important but it can be harsh on the skin so make sure there gentle ingredients such as hydrating oils within. Exfoliating should be done about once a week for and should be done gently. 

3. Moisturizer

Reactive skin thrives on moisture to help soothe the skin's barrier. This is time for clients to load up on thicker moisturizers to help soothe and repair. 

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