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Reflections: Lighten Your Load

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Skin is a complex organ, but that’s a good thing. Otherwise, clients would be taking their skin issues to the shelves of their local drugstore or to the over made-up lady behind the department store counter rather than their educated and highly trained esthetician. When we think about it, there is no skin condition that is easy to treat. From acne to redness and wrinkles, it is all a tough case to crack, but skin care professionals have the right tools—treatments, at-home care and lifestyle education—to solve most skin care problems. It’s the beginning of the year, and in my mind, the perfect time to solve the pesky skin condition that is hyperpigmentation. It is a good time to get ahead of dark spots when UV exposure is lessened (although not obselete), and there is a good gap of treatment time before outdoor activities will resume.


Like other skin conditions, there are many causes of hyperpigmentation and many ingredients, products and treatments that may help lessen the appearance of dark spots. This issue discusses many of them. Christine Heathman discusses potential causes of hyperpigmentation while offering not only ingredients but also peel types that can help improve the condition.

Although often misdiagnosed for another type of hyperpigmentation, melasma can be a particularly difficult pigmentation disorder to treat. It can be lessened, according to Lisa Jenks in her article, though it is important for the esthetician to be realistic with the client about the results. She notes, “Melasma should be considered controllable but not treatable,” and she provides products, devices and treatments that have shown success against the condition.

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If you’ve got all the background information you need, and you are curious to see what companies have skin care products that treat hyperpigmentation see this month's Inspiration, where a list of such items has been compiled for you by Skin Inc. editors.

Hyperpigmentation is complicated and stubborn, but can be a major confidence drainer for many people. Help your clients by arming yourself with the right products, lifestyle education and treatments, and use this issue to lighten your [melanin] load this new year!

Yours in education,

Katie Anderson





Katie Anderson

Managing Editor

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