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Save Time With the Skin and Hair Express Treatment

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The Skin and Hair Express Treatment

The Skin and Hair Express Treatment.

Many of today’s spa clients want head-to-toe services in a New York minute. They also want a one-stop shop for all of their beauty needs; they do not want to hop around from hair salon to spa to nail salon. If “I-need-it-now” clients make up a large portion of your clientele, consider expanding your current business into a departmentalized beauty mecca. With this model, clients receive all the services they are seeking and spa owners see the financial benefits of offering a full-service solution.

Only one element is missing: the bridge between hair and skin. Spas have the opportunity to bring the hair and skin categories together so that clients can get the most out of their visits. Logistically, it can be unpleasant to shuffle clients from department to department; instead, consider allowing them to stay in one place. Bring the services to them, creating a time-efficient and truly relaxing atmosphere.

With this time-efficient concept, busy clients can have hair and skin services simultaneously. While a hair mask is working, allow your clients to experience a rejuvenating facial and hand treatment. By providing a hair, skin and hand treatment together in just 30 minutes, clients don’t have to choose. They will love results, and you will love the way it grows your business.

How to do it

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Installing a beauty bar is an important component of bridging hair and skin for time-efficient treatments, allowing clients to experience professional skin care services while sitting upright in a chair, without having to disrobe. Even though a beauty bar is commonly located in the spa’s main lounge or reception area, make the effort to treat clients with as much care and indulgence as possible so they can sample the spa experience.

Build a beauty bar. All you need are chairs with headrests and a barlike area for your express facial treatments. It should ideally include all the supplies needed for express facial and hair treatments—single-dose, pre-measured packages of products used, helping the express treatment to move along seamlessly from treatment to treatment, within the allotted time.

Promote retail products and full-length services. Your team also should promote products during the services. Once a client’s skin analysis is done, immediately grab the suggested retail products, bring them to your station and talk about the products while you are administering the treatment. A benefit of the beauty bar concept is that it is done with the clients sitting-up so they can see the products you are using.

In addition, because express treatments tend to be less expensive than full-length services, clients are more apt to purchase a retail product. Once the results are experienced from the express treatment and at-home care products, it will open the door for a conversation about full-length services with clients who may not have otherwise been reached.

A plan of attack. When adding a new treatment to your service menu, discuss your plan of action on how it is going to make you, your skin care facility and your employees more money. By bridging hair and skin care services, your hair and skin care team members can work together to provide as many services as possible to each client in a minimum amount of time.

For facilities that don’t already offer hair services, consider adding it through an express treatment to accommodate your clients’ needs.

In some cases, hair specialists don’t want to do skin services and vice versa. If that is the case in your facility, have an esthetician who is dedicated to working the salon floor and the beauty bar area. This way, if a client comes in and wants to have a facial treatment while she is receiving a thermal hair mask or having her color touched up, this esthetician can escort her to the facial bar while it processes. You also can offer your hair and skin team members incentives for booking a treatment outside of their department by paying them a percentage of the service each time they book.

Show and tell

Your target audience for this quick, professional skin and hair treatment includes career women or time-strapped parents who are looking for results-oriented treatments and products that are natural and effective. So make sure they know you created this treatment for them! Offer the combined skin and hair treatment at a discounted price during the week for a lunch break beauty fix or team up with nearby recreation clubs to provide fliers for 10% off the treatment for moms dropping off their children for soccer practice.

If you want to make a new service worthwhile, devise a grand entrance. Avoid simply printing a new service menu and hoping that your clients ask about it. Events are a great way to introduce new treatments and products. For this treatment, consider actually building a pop-up store within your spa. In the front windows by the entrance, showcase clients who are receiving the treatment so that everyone who enters or passes by your business sees the service in action. This can inspire a lot of intrigue and buzz. The pop-up store could be kept open for an entire month while featuring the treatment at a special introductory price. Show-and-tell and you will sell. What better way to highlight a new treatment than with a live window display?

If you have TVs, instead of airing the latest reality show, play a video of clients receiving the service to pique interest. Of course, appropriate signage is key, as well. Then create mini service menus just for express treatments that are visible around the facility.

Maximize time and value

Many of today’s clients don’t want to go from the nail salon, to the spa, to the salon. If you aren’t offering your clients full service—they are going to go somewhere else to get it. The best way to bring in new clients and optimize those you already have is to make sure that they are aware of all the services you have to offer. Once they know they can get everything they need in a one-stop shop, you will have fans for life.

Lydia+SarfatiLydia Sarfati, president and founder of Repêchage, is an internationally recognized skin care expert quoted in Vogue, InStyle, Glamour and The New York Times, and she has been featured on CNN, CBS and Fox. Sarfati has more than 30 years of experience as an esthetician, spa owner, manufacturer and consultant.




Treatment How-to: Skin and Hair Express Treatment

How-to: Skin and Hair Express Treatment

How-to: Skin and Hair Express Treatment

Be sure you consult with each client to determine the best treatment for her before you set up an appointment for maximum service satisfaction. If your client is not on a tight time schedule, this might not be the best option for her.

Cost: $99

Duration: 30 minutes

Contraindications: Follow packaging instructions on products used for any contraindications.

Supplies needed:

Unscented facial tissues

Vinyl gloves


Shower cap


Sanitizer or antimicrobial hand wipes


Closed-lid garbage cans

Professional service towels

Rubber mixing bowls

Small bowls

Eye pads

Plastic bags

Bottled water

Hand mirror

Makeup sponges

Facial bar cape

Cotton swabs

Products needed:


Thermal seaweed hair mask

Hydrating seaweed facial spray

Vitamin- and mineral-rich facial serum

Nourishing facial massage cream

Facial treatment mask

Green and black teas

Spa hand cream

Moisture mask for hands

Daytime protection cream

Insulating hand cream

Defensive formula hair serum

Mineral makeup

Hair styling products

Step 1: Escort the client to the shampoo bowl and prepare for hair treatment using professional service towels. Shampoo the hair and then apply a seaweed-based, self-heating hair mask, saturating the hair and scalp. Once the mask is on, provide your client with a scalp massage until each strand of hair is completely saturated with the mask.

Step 2: After the hair is fully saturated with the mask, cover it with a shower cap and Mylar to enhance the warming effect. Allow to set for 10–15 minutes to ensure that the mask is penetrating fully.

Step 3: While the mask is setting, escort your client to the beauty bar. Once settled in and comfortable, begin with a hydrating, express facial treatment.

Step 4: Cleanse the client’s face thoroughly and remove her makeup, then saturate the face with hydrating seaweed facial spray. Gently blot with tissues.

Step 5: Next, apply a vitamin- and mineral-rich facial serum, ensuring the skin is saturated thoroughly. This will help to prevent dehydration and fine lines, while restoring overall skin vitality. Massage the serum into the skin using gentle, upward circular movements. Then, use taponment, which helps with the rapid penetration of the serum. Massage the product into the skin for about 3–4 minutes due to the express nature of the treatment.

Step 6: Perform a five-minute facial massage with a nourishing massage cream. Use effleurage, petrissage and taponment movements for a complete massage. The benefits of massage for the face are so vast that your client will be able to see the difference even after just five minutes.

Step 7: Prepare the treatment mask. Using a spatula, mix the ingredients together by whipping the components, adding a lot of air to create a soufflélike texture. Your clients will love that it is being mixed fresh right in front of them.

Step 8: Apply the mask to the throat in downward strokes, and with upward and outward movements on the face using the spatula. Imagine you are icing a cake, using smooth movements to carry the mask, apply it and spread it. The mask will rejuvenate, hydrate and balance the skin.

Step 9: After the mask has been applied, have your client close her eyes and relax. Apply eye pads soaked in seaweed, and green and black teas rich in natural antioxidant polyphenols that act as free-radical scavengers for anti-aging benefits. Everyone likes to be upgraded, so why not provide your client with a complimentary eye treatment at a very low cost to you? You will see the return on your investment!

Step 10: Sanitize your client’s hands with antimicrobial hand wipes. With a sponge, apply a mask to the hands, covering all areas including the palms and cuticles. Use a mask formulated with hyaluronic acid, shea butter and vitamin E so that the hands will emerge smoother and more youthful-looking. Place the hands in plastic bags, making sure to fully cover them.

Step 11: While the hand mask sets, remove the facial mask and refresh the skin with the facial mist. If you have any serum left from the initial massage, apply it to the face and finish the treatment with a daytime protection cream. Daily creams with zinc oxide help provide environmental protection to keep your client’s skin looking great long after the facial.

Step 12: Once the facial is complete, remove the treatment mask from the hands. Use a rolling movement to put pressure onto the plastic bags to remove the excess mask from the hands while taking off the bags.

Step 13: Using a hot, wet towel, remove any remaining mask from the hands. This is a nice touch to add to any hand treatment, and it really brings the spa into the experience. Even though these are express treatments, you still want to make sure that your client is relaxed and satisfied.

Step 14: Towel dry the hands and proceed with a relaxing massage using an insulating hand cream. This will help soothe and protect hands from premature aging and keep them looking youthful. Massage each hand for about one minute.

Step 15: When finished massaging the hands, cleanse your hands with antimicrobial hand wipes. Hand wipes are great to have at the beauty bar as you may not have a sink nearby. Cleanse your hands in front of your client so that she knows you are utilizing proper sanitation standards.

Step 16: Escort your client back to the shampoo bowl to remove the mask from the hair. Rinse the hair clean with cool water; it will create a “wow” effect for the client after the warm treatment. Towel dry the hair.

Step 17: Apply a few drops of hair serum to the hair, working through all the strands. Use a defensive formula to restore a youthful shine to damaged hair while protecting it from styling stress, color fading and frizz.

Step 18: Finish with a mineral makeup application and style hair as usual, depending on time allowed and client expectations. If a client wants a complete makeup application, that will take longer. After styling, smooth a few more drops of the hair serum into the hair to prevent flyaway and frizz. Your client will look and feel relaxed and beautiful

Step 19: For continued benefits at home, be sure that your client leaves with the appropriate hair and skin regimen from your retail area.

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