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Keep Clients Skin Care Motivated

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A key part of starting and continuing a skin care routine is not getting overwhelmed.

Keeping up with a skin care routine can be hard, but these tips can help clients get a start on a creating their own routine without being overwhelmed. MBGlifestyle spoke with psychologists to come up with ways to stay motivate. 

When trying to figure out where to start, it' s best to start minimally. Focusing on just two or three steps to begin with is a great way to not become overwhelmed. Too many products at once can seem daunting, but committing just a few steps to muscle memory is much more doable at first. 

Next, make sure clients are checking in with their skin since it can take a while to work or show any result. For a lot of people, if there aren't results within a few days, it can be discouraging.

However, setting a date to reevaluate the routine will keep clients on track with their routine no matter the results. Then, if it still isn't working, time to switch up the products in rotation. 

In the end, have clients reward themselves after their routines. It could be a small nightly reward after they've completed their routine or a bigger reward after consecutively completing the routine in a week or month.

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