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One-third of American Dads Want to Prevent Signs of Aging

"But the discrepancy between the number of men interested in preventing the signs of aging and the number of products touting these benefits indicates a significant opportunity for anti-aging personal care products specifically formulated for and marketed to men."

Mastering Microblading

Microblading started off strong in the beauty industry, and it has continued to be a popular buzz word. So, learning proper techniques, and knowing what to do for microblading could be very beneficial to your business.

Researchers Tie Healthy Diet to Fewer Wrinkles

We know that healthy eating leads to healthier looking skin, but is there a correlation between diet and wrinkles?

Massage Your Way To Better Slumber

Living in such a high-tech world can really make a big impact on our regular sleep levels, so these massages helps to achieve better REM sleep for a deeper sleep.

11 Reasons to Get Behind Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that has numerous benefits for the skin. See why dermaplaning should become your exfoliation technique of choice.

Reflections: Shut-Eye For Skin

This month Skin Inc. covers topics on different reasons how beauty sleep is real and why sleeping is beneficial for the skin. Also tune in to learn how you could get investigated, and what you should consider before going solo.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Next Treatment For Seborrheic Keratosis

Treating seborrheic keratosis can be toxic to the skin when using cryosurgery. This is why a group of researched decided to look into another topical application of hydrogen peroxide.

US FDA Pushes Sunscreen Reform on Three Fronts

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced three new efforts to advance its framework for sun protection products including Maximal Usage Trials (MUsT)—just ahead of summer vacation and in line with #DontFryDay.

Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day

A Global Wellness Institute initiative, Massage Makes Me Happy saw massage therapy and spa associations, massage therapy schools, consumer and industry publications, spas, travel and leisure organizations and industry suppliers spreading the word and celebrating the day.

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