Trending Treatment: Japanese Healing Hot Stones


The Global Wellness Institute listed that one of their top 2020 wellness trends was J-Wellness.1 More specifically, it is predicted that we will begin to adopt a lot more of the cultural initiatives that Japan takes to turn J-Wellness into more of an entire holistic concept for well-being. Some ways that J-Wellness has already been adopted in the United States is through forest bathing and onsens.2 Now, get ready for Ganbanyoku, which is a healing hot stone treatment. 

Healing with Hot Stones

Ganbanyoku is a popular treatment throughout Japan, and now spas in the United States have started to adopt this treatment. The treatment takes place in a large room that has slabs made from black silica or silica lava rock spaced out on the floor.3 The beds are heated to just over 100˚ F, and they are designed to emit far infrared rays. The goal is for the client to feel cleansed and detoxed by the end of the treatment.3

Ganbanyoku means bedrock bathing without hot water.4 This is a treatment that is typically enjoyed by women, and in some spas it is centered as a women only service.4 This treatment is designed to act like a gentle far-infrared (FIR) sauna, and it emits negative ions. The client should be wearing specific clothes, and they should be rotating from front to back to make sure that the entire body is receiving benefits.4

How it Works

To start, the use of FIR heat goes beneath the skin surface to stimulate water molecules and trigger vibrational resonance. This treatment is designed to detox the body by flushing out toxins through fat cells and improving circulation as well as metabolic function.4 Other body benefits of this treatment include a relief in pain and stiffness from the heat as well as a reduction in swelling.3

The use of heat in this treatments helps to cleanse the body through the sweat glands. This treatment also causes the sebaceous glands to product more sebum that helps to restore, condition and protect the skin. The negative ions that are emitted during this treatment help to reduce stress and induce a heightened sense of relaxation.4

This treatment can be a great option to relaxing after a treatment, and it could replace a post-lounge experience while providing more benefits. 


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