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There are many ways we experience traumatized skin. In aesthetics, we may initially think of post-care for chemical peels, micro-needling, or laser treatments. And as we know, wound healing is vital for any professional rejuvenation procedure. However, skin trauma can also result from normal, day-to-day activities – burns, cuts, abrasions, rashes, bug bites, seasonal stress, and even certain medical conditions and medications.

By definition, the word “holistic” means, “relating to or concerned with wholes or the complete system rather than the analysis of, or treatment dissected into parts.”  With Skin Rehab, the term “holistic” means to treat more than just the symptoms but to look at healing with a whole cellular approach.


Skin Rehab goes beyond just addressing the superficial symptoms associated with skin traumas and the effects of aesthetic procedures.  Revamp home medicine cabinets with holistic formulas that not only relieve itching, bruising, and discomfort but heal, strengthen, rejuvenate, and reduce scarring.

Rhonda Si2202 Element1PRO SALVE – Occlusive Protection

A true occlusive protectant made from pharmaceutical-grade white petrolatum, combined with Indian ginseng to heal, soothe, restore tissue elasticity and protect compromised, cracked, and fissured skin. A favorite to use on chapped lips, heels, knuckles, elbows, cuticles, and windburned skin. Never use Aquaphor™, Vaseline™, or Carmex™ again!        

VITAL WOUND RELIEF – Holistic Healing Balm

A multi-purpose, antibacterial healing balm, this is a blend of refined shea butter to soften and protect tissue and botanical extracts to soothe abrasions and irritated, itching skin and strengthen capillary walls. Perfect to use over chapped skin, rashes, or patchy areas that are dry and inflamed. Great before bedtime to heal cracked, rough heels.  

CALMING SKIN GEL - Hydrocortisone Balm The perfect blend of science and nature using FDA-approved hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and white ginger root, Bisabolol, and aloe vera to soothe and hydrate irritated skin.  Provides immediate relief from insect bites, burns, and even irritation from waxing.  An excellent spot treatment for everything from itchy rashes, allergic reactions seen on the skin, and eczema.

Rhonda Si2202 Element2

GROWTH FACTOR SERUM – Potent Cell Strengthener A key element to the development of new skin cells, epidermal growth factors (EGF) stimulate cellular regeneration and help prevent scarring in wounded skin. An ultra-hydrating formula that alleviates dryness and irritation, this silky, antioxidant serum offers potent healing and strengthening support and assists ATP energy to enhance cellular metabolism. 

VITAL TISSUE REPAIR – Scar Prevention Concentrate A nutrient-rich, healing serum, this holistic formula restores skin immunity, helps prevent scarring, and strengthens skin tissue with a high concentration of vitamin E and pumpkin seed oil.  Replenishing antioxidants lost by oxidative damage is excellent to use on skin abrasions, surgical scars, and skin fissures.

Rhonda Si2202 Element3ARNICA THERAPY – Trauma Relief Containing 20% arnica and Mugwort extracts, this trauma relief cream reduces discomfort from swelling and burns, helps reduce bruising by stimulating white blood cells to disperse fluid and blood buildup,  and fortifies the skin’s immune defenses. It may even be applied under the eyes to reduce dark circles.        

For more information about Rhonda Allison’s Skin Rehab, go to https://raskinrehab.com/


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