Countdown to 2007

I love looking back at a year’s worth of Skin Inc. magazine covers. It’s clear evidence that editor Melinda Taschetta-Millane and her editorial team have put superb effort into bringing you the latest spa and skin care techniques and trends in an unbiased and information-packed format.

Mental review

Now the countdown starts toward a new year and new covers. After the holiday shopping, parties, festivities, consumption of extra calories and frantic schedules, what will 2007 bring you? It definitely will bring you continued coverage, opinion, dialogue and information from Skin Inc. magazine. The latest in anti-aging treatments for your clients will continue to be a strong theme in the new year. But beyond that, how will you use your age to manage and inspire your life, as well as those of your clients?

Age can be used positively as markers along our individual paths. Any particular age can serve as a snapshot of physical, mental and emotional progress. We can draw on any age to capitalize on how we choose to do business and attack life. Do any of the following strengths sound familiar? Enthusiasm, risk-taking, analytical, competitive, caring, idealism, discipline, encourager, communicator, belief, activist, achiever, adapter, learner, strategic … let your strengths lead you.

The wellness edge

In addition to a mental review, also consider how wellness, fitness and nutrition play a role in your own life. Skin Inc. magazine has been incorporating these topics, along with in-depth business articles and international trends that
affect spa professionals, to help you grow both professionally and personally. Here are a few of the pieces we’ve offered you in the past 12 months:


  • Be a Daymaker—April
  • Finding Inspiration—July
  • Aging With Edge—August
  • The Holistic Approach Toward Aging—August
  • Return to Simplified Elegance—August
  • Stress Management—August
  • Eating for Yoga—September
  • Appreciating the Apple—October
  • Viewpoint: Becoming Politically Active
    in State Legislation—November
  • Craving Cranberry This Winter—December
  • Skin Care With Compassion—December

Your Business

  • Planning a Fabulous Future—March
  • The Beauty of Naturals—April
  • Capitalizing on High-profit Retailing—April
  • Creating a Star Team—July
  • Financial Skills for the Entire Team—July
  • Marketing to Multiple Generations—August
  • Moving Beyond the Role of Service Provider—August
  • A Powerful Partnership—September
  • Community Service: Get Involved—October
  • Growing Your Career: Getting Smart About Professional Development—October
  • The Power of Social Fluency—October
  • Marketing for a Bad Economy—November
  • Your Image is Your Business—November
  • Embracing Change: Regaining Control
    of a Wandering Business—November
  • Cash In With E-commerce—December

Make an effort to revisit and revive the business and wellness practices in your own life for a healthier, take-charge-of-your-life new you.

Annette Delagrange


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