The Wellness Synergy of Detoxification and Essential Oils


Open any natural health or beauty magazine, read the signs in the windows of a spa, check out the website of your local holistic medi spa practice—chances are you'll see "detoxifying" treatments offered. The broad scope of offerings found within the detox category range, and can include: foot baths, FAR infrared saunas, cleansing diets, aromatherapy face/body treatments, aromatherapy sweat lodges/saunas, herbal teas, hot springs and mud baths. Every culture features an array of traditional practices that help detoxify the human body, encouraging good health and radiance inside and out.

Detox and Skin

These traditions accelerate the ways that the body already works to detoxify and naturally eliminate waste. Although toxins are continuously eliminated through the digestive, urinary, circulatory and respiratory systems, the body flushes up to one pound of waste product every day through the skin.

The skin is the largest organ, performing several vital functions that are essential for human survival. Its primary role is to protect us against the invasion of foreign substances and bacteria; it also serves as the transfer point for the release of toxins from our bodies. The majority of the skin’s waste is carried by the lymphatic system. In addition to waste, lymph is an amalgamation of enzymes, nutrients, sugars, cytokines and other vital chemicals that coat the cells. According to Kevin Conners, D.C., lymph fluid is like “a healthy river, needing a constant flow of fresh nourishments, which prevents our body from turning it into a stagnant pond.”

Skin and Essential Oils

The skin is far more than just outward appearance, it is also an indicator of a person’s general health, and it is truly worthy of utmost protection and care.

Esthetic aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oil synergies known for their versatile dermo-therapeutic effects to keep the skin open, boosting the skin’s ability to release and drain waste products efficiently.

Essential oils are the “life blood” of plants and the cornerstone of aromatherapy. They are extracted from various parts of a plant, for example lavender essential oil is produced by distilling the plant’s flowering tops, citrus oils are expressed (or squeezed) from the rind of the fruit and sandalwood is distilled from the wood of the tree. Essential oils are extracted from the leaves, seeds, roots or resin of a plant. In spite of their name, essential oils are non-oily and soluble in fats such as carrier oils, but will not readily dissolve in water. Pure essential oils can be up to 70 times more concentrated than the original plant source and absorption into the bloodstream commences within a fraction of a second after application.

These dynamic and chemically complex substances all possess a vibrant quality and distinctive fragrance; these may vary from year to year or according to the geographical location, harvesting and extraction processes used.

For centuries, skin treatments were entirely of natural origin, derived from herbs and inorganic materials. The science of pharmacognosy, which grew from these traditional approaches, demonstrates that plants provide a vast and complex source of phytochemicals. These highly potent actives work to calm, restore and heal the epidermal barrier. Skin care products that are formulated with pure essential oils are also capable of surviving the scrutiny of clinical trials and dermatological testing.

Many factors need to be considered when utilizing the healing properties of essential oils. They are potent chemicals and therefore should be used with extreme care. Essential oils contain hundreds of different plant chemicals with proven skin care benefits. Skilled therapists work with complete, pure and unrefined oils with the understanding that the whole oil has greater therapeutic activity than individual or isolated compounds. Aromatic synergy is the principle of blending essential oils together to produce a product with greater therapeutic activity than the sum of its plant chemicals.

Detoxifying Skin with Quintessence


At the core of YON-KA’s products is a blend of five precious aromatic oils that we call “Quintessence.”

Like an alchemist, Multaler Laboratories assembles these ingredients to provide a solution targeted to the specific needs of each individual skin condition. The five powerful oils and their benefits are:

  • Fine lavender from Haute-Provence with calming, healing and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Geranium from Egypt with anti-inflammatory, antalgic and healing properties;
  • Rosemary from Morocco, with antiseptic, regenerating and toning properties;
  • Cypress from Provence with decongesting and nerve-balancing properties; and
  • Thyme from Spain, an excellent stimulant with powerful antiseptic properties.

The aromatic synergy of Quintessence brings about an immediate olfactory experience that distinguishes the YON-KA products and treatments from all other skin care lines. Its detoxifying powers and properties are unparalleled in transforming troubled skin to healthy, balanced and beautiful.

Cutaneous Actions of Emulsion Concentree


This powerful blend of aromatic essential oils gave rise to the YON-KA Paris Emulsion Concentree, which is widely acclaimed for its healing effects on burns and aggressed skin. It’s also praised for its draining and calming actions following surgery. While free if alcohol, its potent antimicrobial and reparative actions remain the foundation of the YON-KA Paris Advanced Clinical Care Products and Treatments. Emulsion Concentree (and its retail product Emulsion Pure) was found to:

  • Detoxify the tissues,
  • Be a potent bacteriostatic and fungistatic,
  • Promotes cellular renewal and repair,
  • Firm and tone the tissue, and
  • Balance and acidify the skin.

Every YON-KA treatment is an expert and subtle alchemy between the professional’s hand, the hand that feels and gives and the essential oils that optimize these skills.

The YON-KA Paris Aroma therapeutic face and body treatments are designed to maximize the immeasurable benefits of essential oils using a combination of highly refined movements. Our YON-KA Paris proprietary massage, which incorporates elements of manual lymphatic drainage; aids and promotes the elimination of toxins, improves circulation, increases mobility and reduces pain. Every YON-KA treatment features a personalized approach that creates the ideal conditions for effectiveness.


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