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Who knew that the pandemic and the constant mask-wearing would give skin care professionals an interesting topic to educate and attract new clientele? Enter maskne. Maskne came in strong and continues to inspire discussions and new product innovations to address the adjustments needed to keep it at bay. Maskne has recommitted skin care clients, while initiating a new population of those who never considered the need for skin care in their daily routine. However, there is another phenomenon that has come along with the pandemic that also lends itself to the expertise of your favorite esthetician—coronasomnia. Yep, it’s a thing. It is defined by some sleep experts as, “the increased disruption and damage to people’s sleep quality caused by the increased anxiety and stress of the global pandemic.” Just as maskne started as a low grumble and grew into a more commonly discussed problem with ever-growing solutions, coronasomnia is remarkably similar. Insomnia was already a pervasive problem for many, but the additional stress, anxiety and changes to lifestyle that the coronavirus has caused has created a boom in cases of the inability to get quality sleep. Sleep experts, long committed to informing us of the negative effects of poor sleep (see Sleep Deprivation Effects) to overall health and well-being, now are fueled by the massive number of people who are having chronic trouble falling asleep or achieving a quality night of rest.

Sleep Deprivation and Spa

How did we get here? It could be any combination of daytime naps, drinking a bit more alcohol to wind down, virtual school while also working from home, the feeling of living at work, quarantine snacks, nightly news updates or virtual everything from birthday parties to weddings and funerals. This short list is of course keeping it on the lighter side of pandemic life effects.

All these changes to life during the pandemic are contributing to poor and low-quality sleep. Chances are highly likely that you or your clients are experiencing this. There is more and more information being published on how to improve sleep because sleep experts suggest that this will be the next public health crisis if it is not addressed. The good news is that amongst the proven methods for insomnia, and coronasomnia specifically, are methods that align with the common regimens recommended for spa customers as a part of their home care programs. We often incorporate recommendations of good skin care, as well as changes to lifestyle to remove pro-inflammatory behaviors to put your best face forward. It turns out that these methods also align with improving sleep behaviors as well.

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