Innovation in a Bottle! Great Skin from Within with Skinade®


As a clinic owner, your time is a limited resource and once it’s gone, it’s gone. So how do you grow your business once your time is maxed out, and what can you do with clients who typically follow a three to four month visitation schedule?

We all know products are an important part of revenue generated by clinics and medspas, as well as an essential “aftercare” service provided to clients. Interaction with clients is key to success and, contrary to popular belief, is welcomed by your clients.  However, the issue with most products is that they don’t have a time-based protocol and therefore do not allow for follow-up interactions.

Skinade offers a non-conflicting source of revenue that, added to your treatment protocol and with its own time-based protocol (30, 60 and 90 days), will ensure your clients come back in between esthetic treatments, to purchase more.  This is one of the key advantage to Skinade’s, the innovative inside-out skincare product.


Skinade – better skin from within® is a daily skincare drink designed to create a physiological response in our bodies, replacing lost collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid by helping produce these naturally. Skinade has pioneered “feedback mechanism” skin care, improving the end-user’s skin at a level never measured before. Its formulation is packed with the highest-quality low-molecular weight collagen peptides from marine sources and essential micronutrients. Every aspect of the product has been designed to support normal skin function.

Demand is creating a nutraceutical market that will be worth $7 billion by 2020. Putting your clinic in the position to provide the best possible products and results for your client’s skin is now more important than ever.

Esthetic practitioners already offer patients a vast array of topical, injectable and laser treatments at their clinics, which address patients’ concerns from the outside. With so many factors that contribute to skin health and aging are influenced by what is happening inside the body, it seems only natural to combine these treatments with nutraceutical products to maximize skin health improvement.


With the right formulation, nutraceuticals have been shown to induce visible skin improvements; but to achieve optimal efficacy, the product must have a high level of bioavailability, which is the reason that Skinade is a liquid or drink.

The results speak for themselves. In an independent clinical double blind placebo controlled case study conducted in London, subjects saw up to a 58% increase in collagen density after drinking Skinade for 90 days. In the ultrasound images (below), changes in collagen structure are immediately noticeable in the form of densely packed yellow areas.

Skinade Lead



“We were all sceptical at first with ‘Better Skin from Within,’ a drinkable bottle versus all the services we offer. We quickly realized this was a good complement to the services we offer and as a product taken alone. Our patients love Skinade! They have reported that after just a 30-day period, they’ve noticed an increase in their skin hydration, reduced appearance of wrinkles and lines, healthier nails, stronger hair and just an all over glow,” says Christina Cosca, marketing director for Bella Cosmetic Surgery, National Harbor, M.D.

Plastic surgeon Mark E. Richards, M.D., from Bethesda, has also been extremely pleased with the response from his patients who have tried Skinade. ”Even my most critical patients have been pleased with Skinade’s results,” he says.

Skinade® offers a non-conflicting additional revenue stream, and as an essential part of any beauty regime, will ensure repeated footfall.

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TIP: Why not use your in-clinic booking system to keep track of your clients’ Skinade journey. This way you can gently remind them to pop in for a new supply when they are running out!


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