Do Your Clients Pay Lip Service to Prevent Damage?

Although 91% of women choose to perform at least one preventive health and wellness measure in the morning to kick-off their day, such as taking a vitamin, exercising and applying an anti-aging facial product, only half apply lip balm to protect their lips from dryness and sun damage, according to a national poll released by Blistex. Without the proper defense, lips can become sunburned or chapped, which can lead to infection and puts overall health at risk.

"One way to ensure 'good-for-you grooming' is to protect the pout," says Charles Zugerman, MD, associate professor of clinical dermatology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. "It's no secret that lips are often forgotten, leaving the body susceptible to infection when they become chapped or cracked. Incorporating an all-weather, all-season lip balm into morning routines ensures daily protection and prevents damaging effects to the lips."

Survey highlights from the Blistex Grooming Routine Survey include:

  • Lips lose out in sun protection. Although almost three-quarters of women (72%) apply sunscreen to their face as part of their routine, only 30% apply it to their lips. Skipping this small step is a dangerous one. Lips are more vulnerable to sun damage than the rest of the body because the lips' thin outer layer has almost no melanin--the natural skin pigment that helps screen out the sun's harmful rays.
  • Balm before bed for a better morning kiss. Nearly 75% of women are kissing-off the chance to wake up with soft and moisturized lips, with only 25% of respondents admitting that they apply lip balm before bedtime. This simple habit ensures lips are healthy, supple and protected to start the day right.
  • Daily climate control needed. Nearly 59% of respondents report daily exposure to at least three different elements that include sun, dry air, wind and cold, yet only 44% said they apply lip balm in the morning before leaving the house. No matter what harsh environmental conditions you face throughout the day, be prepared with a simple swipe of a highly protective lip balm that can tackle all the elements.
  • Double-duty products are a must. Almost 40% of women are frustrated in having to purchase multiple products to handle varying weather conditions. Products that cross seasons and climates not only help streamline the morning grooming routine, but are also easy on the pocketbook.
  • Better habits for better health. More than 50% of women report sticking to their morning grooming ritual. Ensure you reap the rewards of being a creature of habit by including preventative health measures, such as applying lip balm with sun protection, to your daily grooming ritual.
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