Don't Let Clients Get Sunburned Lips


Sunburns can happen, no matter how much we try to avoid them. Burns usually occur on arms, shoulders, face or back. However, when it comes to sunburns, the lips are rarely discussed.

Aside from keeping lips moisturized and hydrated, they also need to be protected from the sun. Just like other areas of the body when sunburned, the lips will chap, swell, blister, redden and can be sensitive to the touch.

One should never pop blisters. If they have not started to go away after a few days, make an appointment to see a medical professional. Chilled aloe vera, yogurt and a washcloth soaked in cold milk can all be used for sunburned lips.1 Stay away from oils when lips are sunburned, as sun exposure on top of oil could make the situation worse.

To prevent sunburn on the lips, add lip products with SPF to your lip retail and recommend them in a client's regimen.

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