Trending: Lip Threads Vs. Lip Fillers


Fuller lips have been a hot trend in the medical spa market ever since Kylie Jenner admitted to getting lip filler to make her lips bigger and plumper. However, the latest treatment to receive this full-lipped look could be coming in to take fillers throne. Lip threading is the latest trend in getting a fuller pout, and it doesn't have anything to do with hair removal. 

The Low Down on Lip Threading

Lip threading is an FDA-approved treatment that passes threads through the skin lining the lips to achieve a more defined pout. This treatment has started to gain ground in the United States as a more subtle way of accentuating the lips. It consists of using threads made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and placing them in the lips to help stimulate collagen.

Tijon Esho, M.D., leading esthetician and owner of ESHO clinics explained in an interview with Glamour Magazine how "the collagen stimulation is modest, so there is a more noticed change in definition than volume of the lip itself." 

Comparing Fillers to Thread

Besides the obvious differences these two treatments have some similarities and differences. While they both break down naturally over time in the lips, it can be more difficult to "fix" the lip threading if anything does go wrong. Lip threading will also last longer than lip filler, but it will be more complicated to remove if desired. 

Lip threading can take up to two weeks to heal from all of the bruising, and Esho explained how it has been known to be more uncomfortable than having filler due to no anesthesia being used during the treatment. However, when clients opt for this treatment they can kiss the typical swelling they would receive from lip fillers goodbye.

While both treatments have their pros and cons, people seem to be opting for lip threads as the latest way to get a naturally plumper pout. 

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