5 Tips to Lift and Brighten Eyes

Lifting and brightening eyes doesn’t have to take the work of an expert plastic surgeon. All a woman really needs are a few quick fixes in her back pocket and her eyes will have never looked brighter or lighter! Beauty expert and co-owner of Outlashe Eyelash Extensions Nicole Flevaris has put together her secret stash of tips that every client should know.

Shape That Brow. Provide eyebrow stenciling for a perfect and even look. Stenciling works wonders for opening up the face and making eyes look lifted. Make sure to recommend a cleaning at least every two-to-three weeks in order to prevent an unkempt brow.

Extend yourself to the max. Applying eyelash extensions will instantly open up the eye and make it brighter.

Not your average wrinkle cream. There are many wrinkle and dark spot erasers, but one beauty secret not many women know is that using Preparation H under your eyes is a surefire way to brighten eyes and reduce bags. However, this can be only used once a month at the most for a special occasion.

The new concealer. Many women are often only wearing a concealer or corrector under their eyes. This is a thing of the past! Have clients mix a cream blush into their foundation to counteract the darkness of the skin in hues of peach and pink. This trick is used by makeup artists and works better than concealers.

Don’t forget your brow bone. When applying eyeshadow, it’s important to always sweep a light white or cream shimmer shadow along the underneath of the brow line. This instantly gives a brighter, lighter appearance and helps lift the brow for a more open eye.

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