Brow Lamination by RefectoCil – We love Big Brows!


Nothing beats the look of natural looking, well defined brows with the right volume, thickness, and fullness. Not everyone is naturally blessed with thick fluffy brows, but the good news is, everyone can still have them with the Brow Lamination by RefectoCil. Brow lamination is the latest brow craze that is blowing up the internet, and it is worth all the hype!

Brow Lamination by RefectoCil breathes new life into your eyebrows and coerces the brow hairs into an ideal shape that will last. It allows brows to be perfectly defined and set into the desired position for a lasting finish. A Brow Lamination is the perfect way to get especially disruptive and stubborn eyebrow hairs into tip-top shape, cover any gaps and magic up the effect of full, dense eyebrows.

Laminating brows has an immediate effect on the density and shape of the eyebrows. It leaves them fuller-looking and denser, the natural way! By shaping the hairs, gaps can be perfectly filled without painful treatments such as microblading or permanent make-up. This treatment is especially suitable for bushy, stubborn hair.

Brow Lamination can be done using the Lash Perm and Neutralizer solutions found in the RefectoCil Eyelash Lift Kit and Eyelash Curl Kit.

Watch our 2 demo videos here:

Without foil: Click here

With foil: Click here

The RefectoCil semi-permanent setting solutions work in just 13 minutes and can be used in just 9 simple steps! You can download our protocol by filling in your information on the right-hand side!

Visit your nearest RefectoCil distributor and start offering this new trendy service right now!

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