Waxing...Not Just a Summer Fling


As summer heats up, so does your waxing business with requests for Brazilian, bikini, leg, underarm, back and chest waxing. At first you are overwhelmed to find an open spot in your appointment schedule, but after hitting your “waxing stride” as summer peaks, business starts slowing come September and the end of summer. You find yourself thinking, “Was it just a summer fling?”

Waxing services do not need to be a summer fling. Capitalize on building your business with three proven strategies to turn those seasonal waxing clients into regular waxing clients all year round.

  1. Pay attention to detail.
  2. Keep them coming back for more.
  3. Recommend home care.

1. Pay attention to detail.

The treatment room environment and your client’s experience there are essential. Think about what message you are communicating when a client enters your treatment room. What are they seeing? What are you saying? How do they feel?

Waxing supplies. Pay attention to the details. The waxing trolley, waxing pots and trash bins all send messages to your clients. Your waxing trolley should be immaculate and organized with all of your essential ready-spatulas, waxing strips, tweezers and scissors (soaking in a germicidal solution). Your waxing pots should be clean with no wax on the outside of pots. A clean waxing collar should also be protecting the pot for each client. Your trash bin should be clean. The last thing a client wants to see is a used wax strip.

The experience. The client’s experience should always be a top priority. Although clients love the end result of a waxing service, they are often anxious about the actual experience. Utilize your expertise and knowledge from your skin care treatments, such as aromatherapy and acupressure. Calm your client’s nerves by starting her waxing appointment with the inhalation of a calming lavender essential oil. Apply a few drops of essential oil into the palms of your hands. Ask the client to close her eyes and take in a few deep abdominal breaths, cup your hands over her nose and mouth, and guide your client through some cleansing breaths.

To aid in pain relief, press on a specific acupressure point such as the upper lip. This is a sensitive area due to an abundance of nerve endings. Press on the acupressure point in the middle of the upper lip for a count of six prior to the application of wax.

A new trend in many waxing studios is incorporating an entertainment aspect for the client. Let your clients choose their music and/or entertainment, whether it is with a TV monitor or an iPad. Clients can watch videos, surf the web or catch up on social media.

Professional tip.Once the removal of all wax is complete, try applying marble or cold stones on the waxing area for instant relief.

2. Keep them coming back for more.

Hair grows in different cycles (anagen, catagen, telogen). Hair is generally removed during the catagen and telogen cycles, as these types of hairs have broken through the skin line and no longer adhere to the wax easily. When a client is consistent with her waxing services, professional skin therapists are able to encourage the hair to grow on a same cycle. Depending on whether the client’s hair is coarse or fine, it can take anywhere from four to seven consistent treatments to achieve consistent results.

Promote a series of waxing services. Package waxing treatments into a discounted series to benefit both the skin therapist and the client. The professional skin therapist will have the commitment from the client, and the client saves money while obtaining excellent results. Offering a series of waxing treatments will focus the client on obtaining the results she wants.

Package waxing services into a series of 10 treatments per area such as 10 leg waxes, 10 bikini waxes or 10 eyebrow/lip waxes. By putting the packages in a group of 10, it will guarantee the client results. Start by booking appointments every three weeks, and extend them into every 4 weeks and eventually 5-6 weeks. By the time next summer comes around, the hair will be softer, lighter and finer.

Professional tip. Offer complimentary waxing touch-ups. Clients love this. Since the hair is growing at different cycles, especially in the early stages of waxing, it is highly possible that the area waxed will not feel smooth. Clients might also notice some hair showing on their skin a few days after waxing. The client will often think that the professional skin therapist missed a spot or that they are not seeing the smooth benefits of the waxing treatment. If that is the case, offer the client a complimentary waxing clean-up within five days.

Run piggyback promotions. Combine services together to build momentum for your business. This is also a great way to introduce new services to your clients. Below are suggestions for linking wax services and product/treatments.

  1. Body or leg exfoliation + full leg wax
  2. Mini skin care treatment (20 min.) + eyebrow and lip wax
  3. Buffing cloth and travel-size exfoliating body scrub; or a travel body kit containing a body wash, body scrub and body lotion + full leg and bikini wax
  4. Leg wax + full size exfoliating scrub

Professional tip.Give the client the buffing cloth you used in her treatment. Talk with the client about her concerns about the area treated before you start. Perform a detailed face or body analysis and send the client home with products to restore health and balance to her skin. Follow up with re-booking for the new service too.

3. Recommend home care.

Clients need to do their part, too. For best results, have clients continue to treat their skin at home, especially if clients have coarse hair. Encourage the clients to use a body scrub a few times a week and the day before their waxing appointment. The body scrub will help to prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating the skin and preventing a buildup of dead skin cells that can clog the follicle. The combination will address the ingrown hairs to give the client soft, smooth skin with no ingrown hairs.

Professional tip.Create a post-wax guide for clients to take home. Incorporate the do’s and don’ts following their waxing services such as: apply a daily SPF of 30-50; no direct sun exposure on the waxed area for the first 24 hours; no exfoliation on the waxed areas 48-72 hrs post-wax; and use a buffing cloth for hygiene and to prevent ingrown hair.

Build a Relationship

By incorporating these business strategies, you will build a lasting relationship with your clients. They will stay loyal because you are giving them results. So, say goodbye to the summer fling and hello to waxing clients all year round.


Laura West is a master instructor for The International Dermal Institute (IDI) and Dermalogica. She has served the professional skin care and health industry for over 35 years as a professional skin care therapist, spa owner, educator and health and fitness specialist.

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