How to Handle Skin Purging

Skin purging tends to last about 21 days to a month.
Skin purging tends to last about 21 days to a month.

Retinol is a great ingredient that can be used to help prevent signs of aging and protect the skin's barrier. However, using retinol can come at the price of skin purging which appears in the form of acne, whiteheads and other breakouts. The Health Site breaks down the best way for clients to handle this skin purging. 

Skin purging is common when new ingredients such as retinol, alpha hydroxy acid or other exfoliating acids are introduced into a skin care routine.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent skin purging since it is a natural process that some client's skin may go through. 

However, the best thing for clients to do is not stop their routines when their skin begins to purge. Skin purging will last about a month, so during that time clients should continue their new routines to receive the long-term benefits. If these breakouts worsen or last longer than 45 days, they should see a skin care professional. 

To avoid scaring or additional problems, clients should also avoid picking or scratching at any blemishes or breakouts that appear.

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