Peel Perspective: 4 Must-Attend Classes at Face & Body Northern California


At Face & Body Northern California, supplier classes offer a unique opportunity for estheticians and spa professionals to brush up on their skills and interact with representatives from leading product companies. This year's event is no exception and will be packed with hands-on workshops, presentations, demos and more. One of the hot topics for this year is peels. 

When picking a peel, there are many things that an esthetician should consider. What skin type does your client have? Are you using an eco-friendly, sustainable peel? Should you use an enzyme peel or a chemical peel?  All these questions and more will be answered in the supplier classes at Face & Body Northern California. Here are some of the classes that will help make you a peel pro.

  1. Peel Away the Years! by Image Skincare.
    This class will provide estheticians with the basics of skin histology and an overview of how skin changes with age.  Learn how to use professional peels to counter these changes. 
  2. Organic Peels for Holistic Estheticians and Sustainable Spas by Dawn Lorraine Looking for a more natural way to get results? Then this class is for you. In this class, Dawn Lorraine will demonstrate her organic peels and how to make peels more eco-friendly.
  3. Miami Peel Solutions for Acne and Hyperpigmentation by Quintessence Skin Science
    Nicole Vaisman will be presenting her in-depth understanding of non-invasive medical treatment for treating acne and hyperpigmentation. The supplier class will also include instructions on how to best utilize the Miami Peel Systems.
  4. Advanced Peeling with TCA and Jessner by Control Corrective Skincare Systems
    Choosing the correct peel for the right skin type can be difficult. This class will show you what to consider when picking a peel. Lisa Reinhardt of Control Corrective Skincare System will also demonstrate how to use the TCA and Jessner peels. 
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