Expressive New Treatments From Repechage


Repêchage recently launched two new express facials for dull, uneven and sensitive skin. Lydia Sarfati, master esthetician and CEO and founder of Repêchage, designed the Biolight Express Brightening Facial to brighten dull and uneven skin for a more luminous complexion. Meanwhile, she developed the Red-Out Express Soothing Facial to reduce redness and irritation caused by the environment and stress for sensitive skin types. 

“We have created Express Facials with pre-saturated sheet masks to provide many of the benefits of a full facial treatment quickly and easily,” says Sarfati. “It is for this reason that sheet masks appeal to clients of all ages, including teens and men," she continued.

The Biolight Brightening Express Facial

With key ingredients like Laminaria Digitata, Ascophyllum Nodosum, white willow bark and licorice root extracts, this mask helps to brighten dark spots and age spots while renewing the complexion. The 30-minute treatment uses sheet mask biotechnology to help the skin look bright and luminous fast.

Step 1. Apply the Biolight Brightening Cleanser (step 1) in circular motions. Remove the cleanser with cotton saturated in lukewarm water. Repeat until any residue is thoroughly removed. Pat skin dry with tissue and place clean tissue over the client's eyes. Mist the face with Biolight Brightening Toner to help re-balance the skin's appearance.

Step 2. Apply Biolight Brightening Serum (step 3) to face and neck and massage for five to seven minutes.

Step 3. Apply Biolight Brightening Sheet Mask directly onto the client's face. Once the mask is in place, peel off the plastic top at the notch and discard. Adjust the mask to tightly fit the client's face and leave on for 10 minutes.

*Optional - use ball massage to massage the face.

Step 4. After 10 minutes, remove the mask, but do not rinse. Massage the remaining residue with tapping movements. 

Step 5. Apply Biolight Brightening Day Cream (step 6) to the entire face and neck with light strokes. 

Optional Step: Between steps 1 and 2 apply Biolight Luminex Mask to the entire face using a spatula. Avoid the eye area. Leave this on for seven to ten minutes, and you can apply Eye Rescue Pads over the eye area during this. After the mask has been on for the allotted time, apply moistened, unfolded cotton squares to the face to help dissolve and remove the mask. Remove Eye Pads and wipe mask off from side to side. Remove remaining mask using cotton or facial sponges with warm water, and pat dry.

The Red-Out Express Soothing Facial

Entermorpha Compressa, hyaluronic acid and Mirabilis Jalapa extract pair together in this mask to sooth the skin while diminishing the appearance of redness. This 30-minute treatment works to help all sensitive skin types whether from the environment, genetics or a harsh treatment.

Step 1. Cleanse the skin. Apply the Red-Out Cleanser (step 1) to the client's face and neck in circular motions. Use cotton saturated in lukewarm water to remove the cleanser, and repeat until all residue is removed. Pat dry.

*Warning: Exercise caution when using around the eye area.

Step 2. Place tissue over the client's eyes and thoroughly mist the face with Repêchage's Hydra 4 Tonic. Gently pat dry with tissue.

Step 3. Open Red-Out Serum packet (step 3) and apply to the client's face and neck. Use a silver ball massager or light movements for roughly five to seven minutes to apply the serum.

Step 4. Unfold Red-Out Soothing Sheet Mask and apply directly onto the client's face. Once in place, peel off the plastic top and discard it. Adjust the mask to fit tightly to the contours of the face and leave for 10 minutes, or use the silver ball massager. Remove the mask after the allotted time has passed, and lightly tap the leftover residue into the skin.

Step 5. Use the Hydra 4 Moisturizing Day Cream (step 5) packet and apply to face in upward and outward strokes. 

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