Oily Skin Mistakes

oily skin how to combat1

Oily skin is something many clients may not be treating correctly. Consultant dermatologist Emma Craythorne, M.D., spoke with Refinery29 to discuss the best way to treat oily skin.

A clients first reaction may be to remove all oil from skin care routines and from their face, but this could actually be causing more oil production. When skin is overstripped, it can go into overtime to produce more oils.

The best way to treat oily skin is gently. Look for products such as gentle foaming cleansers and stray away from products that contain harsh ingredients like lots of alcohol or witch hazel. This can dry out the skin and irritate it.

Craythorne also mentions its important to give routines time to work since switching between routines constantly could accelerate oil production. 

The key is to not get rid of all of the oil, but to help keep it at bay, because oil is an important part of the skin.

Craythorne said, "Our sebum is amazing for our skin. Firstly, it has its own natural antioxidants in it. Oil coats our skin and provides a great barrier. It's just so good for our skin."

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