Top 6 Sensitive Skin No-No Ingredients


Clients with sensitive skin can react to ingredients in the products found in your treatments or retail. We never want clients to react negatively to our products, but especially now.

A recent article by Health Site, listed the top 6 ingredient categories that clients with sensitive skin should avoid. Use this as a guideline to keep sensitive clients irritation free.

1. Alcohol

A lot of toners and creams contain alcohol as an ingredient. Alcohol can strip the oils from the skin, causing further irritation. Alcohol is a big no-no for clients with sensitive skin; it is better for clients that have oily skin.

2. Fragrance

We all love things that smell good, but scents can cause issues for clients with sensitive skin as well. Scented skincare products can cause inflammation and irritation. Opt for fragrance-free products in your spa.

3. Sulfates

These foaming ingredients can cause dryness and irritation because they increase transepidermal water loss in the skin.

4. Chemical Sunscreens

Sun protection is good, but stick to physical sunscreens for those with sensitive skin. Avoid chemical sunscreens such as avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone. Insead, go for titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

5. Essential Oils

Sensitive clients may love the scent of essential oils. I mean who doesn't? However, some essential oils can be sensitizing and allergenic, triggering a reaction in sensitive clients.

6. Harsh Exfoliants

We all know that famous apricot kernel based facial exoliant. Yeah, don't recommend that to clients, or any other harsh exfoliant. It is best to stay away from jagged exfoliants for facial exfoliation in general, but also avoid more aggresive exfoliants as well.

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