Spa Spiritual Renewal: A Holistic Facial

Skin Inc. magazine recommends that therapists receive appropriate training before trying any new service.


Although the traditional facial is typically a very relaxing and rejuvenating service for your clients, it is possible to expand on those feelings of calmness during a treatment, creating a multidimensional holistic experience. By combining stimulations for a variety of senses—sight, sound, smell and touch—you can transform a regular facial into something beyond the ordinary, into a holistic facial experience. The facial can be an escape that helps the client take advantage of beauty secrets through holistic healing rituals applied in a modern, New Age-type facial.


The true essence of rejuvenating the god- or goddess-like beauty inside each of your clients can reside in the life-charging sanctuaries of the treatment areas, where different aspects of the facial will be performed. These different spaces help bring your client through a transformative process to experience a full-circle facial experience. By learning techniques on anointing, feathering, intuitive massage and sound healing, as well as how to use a card reading to replace a skin care consultation, you can give your client a facial treatment that is unlike any other.


The first step

Begin by inviting your client to the first treatment area—a colorful, well-lit spot—to sit, relax and become still. This is the time to decompress and find a center. Your client should be refreshed by the comfort of beautifully orchestrated music, the sounds of trickling water and the scent of heavenly aromas. This kind of ambiance creates a wonderful, lasting first impression and helps set the tone for the rest of the treatment. The mood should be appropriate for a meditative and cocooning experience—a time to transcend the busy, outside world and enjoy a timeout of self-discovery and personal renewal.

Card reading and skin care consultation. Before performing a card reading as a skin care consultation, it is important to have the proper instruction. Though the basis of the reading is finding out the concerns of the client, correctly using the cards themselves should not be done without knowing the right procedures. Seek out an instructor or training session that distinctly deals with this talent before implementing this part of the treatment in your spa.

Once properly trained, begin the card reading itself. Uniquely arranged cards are laid out, awaiting one-on-one attention with your client. The conversation starts by acquiring information about what prompted the client to seek out this visit.

A very important step in card interpretation is formulating clear and precise questions to help access the most relevant information for the upcoming facial. Your clients will share stress factors in their lives that are leaving emotional holding patterns on their face. The answers lie in the card layouts, which match the questions that have just been discussed. The cards should reflect emotional issues that would leave signs on the face, such as stress or sadness. The client pulls the cards and turns them over. Their first reaction tells what underlying emotions have been stored in the facial tissues. Begin to use your intuition as an esthetician to determine the theme of the treatment, and the wisdom and clarity that flows through the reading will help to begin the healing process.


When first starting your card readings, choose a deck that feels right to you, whether it be affirmation cards or something more intricate. These cards—and many of the other supplies that are used in this facial treatment—can often be purchased at book stores, as well as at alternative shops.


Use creativity and intuition when interacting with the clients regarding the cards they have chosen, as well as the answers they give. As you will see, creating two different spaces—one for the card reading and the other for the skin care treatment—is truly ideal.


The second step

The next stage is moving the client into the second treatment area—the facial room. This space should help to provide a deep, personal healing for both the mind and body of your client, so it should lend itself to a relaxing, serene atmosphere. Beginning the treatment, create a unique facial fitness plan that includes the card reading information and a skin care regimen designed specifically for the client’s needs. Focus on the issues discussed previously, always keeping in the mind the blissful calm feeling at the heart of the treatment. A gentle, smooth touch should be used, deepening the client’s relaxation and always looking to go beyond simple skin care. By customizing each and every facial, you ensure the client will always get the best experience possible.

This facial’s treatment plan taps into different pathways of transformation, which build on strengthening beauty, confidence and self-empowerment. A soulful refuge is created when ritual and facial regimen interface, resulting in an intimate connection that starts with total and complete relaxation. What is happening for the client’s body, mind and spirit is a release of the past worries and concerns.

Anointing and massage. Anointing is a spiritual connection that dates back to biblical times. To continue the rich, holistic experience, blend the techniques of your facial routine with anointing techniques and massage. Be sure to customize the facial to best suit your client’s current skin care needs, keeping the holistic experience in mind. Add products such as luxurious creams, pure essential oils, organic ampoules and heavenly aromas as an intimate way to help lift clients to self-restoration.

Help the entire body relax by applying one drop of calming aromatherapy oil on each earlobe and beginning a gentle massage. Rosemary flower essence and a soothing scalp massage that includes acupressure points not only aids in quieting the mind, it is also fabulous for the hair.


Continue the soothing treatment with gemstone therapy, another procedure important to be properly instructed in before attempting to perform. It is a luxurious experience for clients to have handpicked precious gemstones such as crystal, amethyst and jade applied soothingly to their chest, neck and face, and this therapy is great for smoothing out the texture of the skin and helping to release unwanted tension and stress. Direct your breath, soft, melodic sounds and intuitive touch into areas that need the most attention, whether it be the scalp, face or even the feet. This encourages pathways to open for deep healing.

Also keep in mind that all the products you use during this treatment should harmonize with the seasons. This will help to keep your practices fresh, as well as your clientele coming back for more.

Sounding. The addition of sound healing in your treatment is quite a unique experience that your clients will likely enjoy immensely. Sound circulates on a cellular level, helping to clear emotional debris and instill positive memories into the body, which often makes for healthier skin. During this section of the treatment, the client has an opportunity to ride the waves of many different vibrational frequencies that will help to put them in tune with their own natural rhythm.

Use your intuition to guide you in which particular musical instrument you will play with each individual session, and choose a musical instrument that you are comfortable and resonate with. Drums and rattles are a great place to begin, as they are simple to play and can help to lull the heartbeat and shake away frazzled energy. More than one instrument also can be played during a treatment if you feel inclined, and you can also choose a CD or other recording to play if you feel it fits the mood.


Stand at the client’s side, breath deeply and gently start playing or turn on the music at a low volume. Let the music flow through you, creating a feeling of energy for the client that flows from their head to their feet. All the sound waves should combine to echo throughout the room and help inspire a sense of musical delight within the client.

Feathering. Feathering is an ancient shamanic art that can be incorporated into your facial therapy. Start looking around local shops and stores, as well as in nature, for beautiful bird feathers. Each bird has a unique coloration with encoded messages that can help balance and relax your clients.

Follow your instincts to decide where to start. Hold the feathers in a scooping position, then use them to cup and draw from the air. Adding an aromatic mist of steam at this point helps build the experience and deepen inner healing. The holistic experience will help your client to feel at peace, and the sensations felt in the body, mind and spirit can be quite powerful. For a fulfilling finale to the facial journey, blend the misting, feathering and sounding techniques to seal in the experience.

The third step

Your client’s skin and sense of well-being should be glowing by this point, so feel free to give her a mirror to allow her to view the transformation. This experience can now be taken back into the initial treatment area where the card reading was done, giving you and the client a chance to review the journey. Discuss all the insights that were gathered and how your client can weave these positive results toward a better tomorrow. Clients will appreciate a conversation about how the experience affected the improvements in their skin, as well as which products they will need to maintain this fresh, new look.

Through the power of holistic therapies mixing with the elements of sight, sound, smell and touch, a true wellness experience can be achieved not just for the body but also for the spirit. The combination of the card reading as a skin consultation, the anointing and massaging techniques, and the sounding and feathering can give your client a healthier outlook, as well as beautiful skin. And always remember that the true essence of beauty is timeless and emerges from the inside out.

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