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This month our protocols in practice is all about skin brightening. We have seven full protocols that use a variety of methods to brighten dull skin and make it look alive again. 

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Camille Obadia

Bella Schneider

Suki Skincare

Bioline Jato


Now Trending: Nutrition

We also have seven industry experts that are covering the topic of nutrition. We pulled quotes from these leaders in the industry to gain more insight on the trends coming up in nutrition as well as what we can expect coming into the new year. 


As ingestible beauty becomes more mainstream, consumers will be seeking specialized products to address specific skin concerns. Anti-glycation is an area that has been picking up rapidly in Asia and is expected to start trending here in the U.S. over the next year

Eugene He, Ceramiracle


Nutritional trends in the spa market still revolve around collagen and a variety of detox supplements. The challenge with collagen is that it is bone derived, so it is not targeted to the skin as people think. Expect advancements in this area as targeted wellness is the next trend. For example, detox supplements can have a range of outcomes including improved health and energy, but identifying the exact toxins that cause specific skin conditions and removing those is a targeted, highly effective approach.

Ben Johnson, M.D., Osmosis + Beauty


Working from the inside by drinking an innovative nutraceutical can support visible improvements to the skin. The collagen peptides in our drink are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, inducing one’s own collagen production by triggering the fibroblast which are responsible for collagen formation. Consumed on a daily basis, it aims to return the body to a younger state of collagen production, resulting in a visibly more youthful appearance.”

Louise Marchesin, Skinade

We believe that collagen supplements, whether in powder, tablet or liquid form, are really trending now. It seems clients are really interested in anti-aging from the inside out now, as well as just on the outside. Anything that can go systemic is going to reach those vital areas much more easily. We also see spirulina supplements starting to catch on as well. Good nutrition should always be a part of good skin care. A healthy inside equals a healthy outside.

Beth Ann Maloney, Thalgo USA

Immune Boosters

It is essential to prepare your body to withstand the tides of cold season. I recommend taking a teaspoon of manuka honey, probiotics and a teaspoon of hippophae berry oil daily. This assures a high dose of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory omegas and so many other benefits that will keep the body and immune system on defense and in peak state.

Victoria Tabak, Nature Pure Labs

Total Body Wellness

Today’s spa savvy client is gravitating more toward whole body wellness and achieving beauty from the inside out. They are looking for a perfect balance of clean, clinical skin care coupled with products and professional treatments that are innovative, targeted and results driven.

Elyse Blakey, IMAGE Skincare


The white hot growth of plant-based nutrition and ingestibles are the two most exciting trends I see on the horizon for spas. According to the Economist, over 25% of millennials are now vegan, and this is what’s driving a lot of the growth. Algae tablets uniquely unite the exploding interest in plant-based nutrition and the growing desire for ingestibles. Spas can now offer just one product for both market segments and see increased revenue from both categories.

Catharine Arnston, Beauty Bits


Emerging research supports the role of higher and balanced protein intake as a preventative against age related muscle loss, collagen depletion and skin health. Protein catabolism (wasting) caused by lack of protein in the diet can contribute to accelerated aging and other health problems.

Erin Madigan-Fleck, N.M.D., Naturophoria

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