4 Ways to Extend Treatment Benefits


In honor of receiving a Five-Star rating by Forbes, ESPA at Vdara has released four tips on how to extend the effects of clients treatments after their spa visit. Use the following four tips to extend the life of yoru treatments.

1. Recommend Home Exfoliation

If your client isn’t exfoliating at home, they are missing out. Suggest a mechanical or chemical exfoliant that works for their skin.

2. Discuss Nutrition

If clients aren’t seeing the results that they want, you might want to discuss nutrition. By taking a holisitic approach to skin care, they might achieve better results.

3. Have Them Relax

 Let the body breathe. Suggest ways to reduce stress and relax the body.

4. Recommend Products

Don’t be afraid to recommend another product that you think might help your client. Products add an extra layer of moisture to skin and help the skin stay healthy. 

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