Rewinding the Clock: Anti-Aging Hand Treatments


Client's will always be looking for the latest anti-aging treatment, but could they be missing one important area that ages before their face? According to Stanley Kovak, M.D., cosmetic physician, hands can display signs of aging first for a multitude of reasons such as thin skin.

"Damage is more easily done on thinner skin, and because of that, this part of the hands ages sooner," Kovak explained. On top of that, the hands are more frequently exposed to environmental damage, which can cause aging and brown spots. Luckily, there are some great treatments that you can offer your clients to keep their hands from revealing their age.

Start with Sun Damage

Sun damage can cause red and brown spots to occur on the skin. Kovak recommends to treat this kind of damage to the hands with intense pulsed light (IPL) lasers. Another option for a more preventative treatment would be to use topical products that have vitamin C in them, as well as sunscreen.

"People regularly forget to apply sunblock to their hands," Kovak says. "Those who have very fine skin and are concerned about the aging of hands can use UV protection gloves that allow their fingers to show through so that they still have full function of their hands," suggested Kovak.

Stay Hydrated

Another main treatment that can be added to a massage or facial would be to apply a moisturizing hand mask or similar moisturizing hand treatment. "The top of the hands tends to dry out more easily...which can lead to wrinkles being shown and the skin not appearing as plump," Kovak explains.

Another easy way to apply hydration to the hand is by applying a body moisturizer. You can also recommend a deeply hydrating hand or body cream to your clients that are concerned about their aging hands.

Plump It Up

Another aspect of hands looking more aged is the depletion in volume that happens from the loss of muscle in the hands with age. "If you have aged skin where you've lost volume, fillers can be put into the hands to plump up tissue and make hands look younger," offered Kovak. 

Another method for restoring volume loss while tightening the skin's laxity is using infrared energy. By deeply heating the soft tissue, the targeted areas will tighten, which stimulates collagen contraction and leaves the skin looking firmer.

No matter the treatment chosen or used to help with hand aging, Kovak suggests that a maintenance method of some kind be kept up to slow the aging process.

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