Treatment Recipe: The Kanani Papaya Pineapple Body Polish

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Kanani Pearl Spa is a boutique wellness spa offering personalized treatments inspired by the grand spas of the Hawaiian islands. Founder Mary Ellen MacKay came to Portland from Maui seven years ago after 15 years of working in the beautiful resorts of the island. She brought the ancient art of Lomi Lomi massage and passed her gift of healing down to those who spend their lives practicing the healing arts. The spa is graced with the scents, sounds and the spirit of Aloha.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $107

Products needed:

Papaya body scrub

Papaya pineapple body moisturizer

Equipment needed:

Clean sheet set covered by space blanket

Fitted scrub sheet over blanket

Large microfiber towel over fitted sheet

Robes and slippers

Heated towels in towel cabbie

Small bowl of warm water

Small bowl with about one cup of scrub product

Small bowl with about one cup of moisturizing product

Step 1: Turn on steam room in advance of client arrival.

Step 2: Greet the client and escort to the treatment room. Explain the treatment protocol and what to expect while discussing any contraindications, including allergies to fruit enzymes. Have her change into a robe while you wait outside the door.

Step 3: Escort the client to the steam room. Have drinking water available. Explain that you will knock on the door in 15 minutes, but let her know she can come out whenever she likes.

Step 4: Take the client to the treatment room and ask her to lie face down under the towel after you have exited.

Step 5: Return and begin applying the scrub on the back of the lower legs, including feet, the buttocks and then the back.

Step 6: Ask the client to turn over and repeat the scrub application on the front of the legs, the arms, décolleté and abdomen. Always use proper draping to make the client feel secure.

Step 7: Clean the product from the feet with the hot towels, drape a robe across the towel on the client’s abdomen and ask that she put the robe on after you leave the room. Place slippers on floor by the table. Tell her you will meet her outside the door to escort her to the shower.

Step 8: While the client is changing, turn the shower on to a warm setting and place a clean robe nearby.

Step 9: Escort the client to the shower, asking her to put on clean robe when she is finished and then return to the treatment room. While the client is in the shower, prep the room as if for a massage so it is ready when the client returns from the shower for the hydration portion of the treatment.

Step 10: Begin the prone massage using the papaya pineapple body moisturizer. Again, using proper draping, have the client turn over and continue the massage on the front of the body for 20 minutes. Encourage the client to relax following the treatment and conclude the service.

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