Treatment How-to: The Fennel Seaweed Body Treatment

From Zoē Anti-Aging & Wellness Spa, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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During The Fennel Seaweed Body Treatment, it is important to carry the fennel throughout the entire procedure as it stimulates the body and lymphatic system during the treatment, and is still working long after the client has left the spa.

Duration: 120 minutes

Cost: $165

Products needed:

Fennel essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil

Geranium essential oil

Massage oil

2 cups kaolin clay

1/2 cup ground fennel powder

1 cup sea kelp

1 tablespoon seaweed extract

Grape seed oil

Distilled water

Equipment needed:

Aromatherapy steam shower

Nasal cannula and oxygen

Vichy shower or regular shower

Hot towel cabi




Plastic sheets

Disposable bikini (if desired)


Bath pillow

Large bowl (size of soup bowl)

Small bowl (size of glass finger bowl)


Step 1: Welcome the client, and make her feel comfortable. Explain the procedure, discuss the client’s medical history, as well as the benefits of the procedure, and address any concerns at this time. The only contraindications for this treatment would be if the client is allergic to any of the ingredients used or is pregnant. After the conversation, ask the client to get into a disposable bikini and bathrobe, and escort her to the aromatherapy steam shower.

Step 2: Infuse steam with fennel, grapefruit and geranium essential oils. Allow client to relax, detoxify and exfoliate in the steam. If possible, have soft music playing to set a calming, relaxing mood while the client inhales the oils. As the oils flow through the bloodstream, the client should feel lighter and internally clean. The shower should last 15–20 minutes.

Step 3: During the shower, create a sea mud mixture by combining the kaolin clay, sea kelp, ground fennel powder, seaweed extract, 1 cup distilled water, 10 drops fennel essential oil, five drops grapefruit essential oil and five drops geranium essential oil in large bowl. The mixture must have the same consistency as pudding.

Step 4: Bring the client into the wet room and ask her to lie down on the plastic sheet-draped bed, placing her head on a bath pillow. Continue to play soft music in the background.

Step 5: Apply the sea mud mixture with a brush, starting at the toes and moving upward to the neck. Have the client lift her legs one at a time instead of flipping over because of the stickiness of the plastic.

Step 6: After completing the application, loosely cover the client with the plastic and cocoon her with a warm blanket from the hot towel cabi. The sea mud is working hard, penetrating the skin and joining the rest of the oils in the bloodstream while also exfoliating and conditioning the skin. If available, place nasal cannula on client and turn on oxygen. Dim the lights and make sure the client is extremely content and comfortable. Leave client alone with pleasant thoughts for a meditation time of 20 minutes.

Step 7: During this time, make the massage oil by filling the small bowl halfway with grape seed oil, adding five drops of the three essential oils and stirring until combined.

Step 8: Remove blanket and plastic sheets and, while client is lying on the table, shower off the mud using a handheld showerhead.

Step 9: Once the mud is removed, turn on the Vichy shower. Allow warm water to shower down on the freshly exfoliated, rejuvenated client. After approximately five minutes of this, the Vichy portion is complete. Place a warm towel on the client and allow the skin to absorb the moisture.

Step 10: Ask the client to lie down on a massage table covered with dry sheets. This portion of the service is not a massage, but simply a moisturization of the new skin. Moisturize client from head to toe with fennel massage oil, going lightly from front to back.

Step 11: Once complete, allow the client a little downtime before she dresses.

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