How-to: The Sedona Sacred Clay Energy Restorer Ritual


Sedona Az IsTucked back against the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona, is the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort and Lakeside Spa. There, views of amazing sunrises, sunsets and dazzling starry night skies can be taken in, and during the day, escaping the desert heat can include experiencing a complete array of spa treatments indigenous to the arid environment.
      One signature service the Lakeside Spa features is its Sedona Sacred Clay Energy Restorer Ritual, a rejuvenating treatment that heightens the mind, body and senses with an awareness of the desert surroundings. Helping foster an inner calm, the unique, earthy offering encourages a peaceful break from the normal, hectic routine of daily life, allowing clients a chance to refocus and restore. Revitalizing salt body polish, detoxifying clay and luxurious body lotion are all used to give the skin a luminous, glowing quality, and ingredients such as juniper and cedarwood also help to hydrate and heal.
     Please note, this treatment does require shower facilities, so be sure to provide proper options to clients in order for them to experience the full rejuvenation of the Sedona Sacred Clay Energy Restorer Ritual. And though not recommended for pregnant women, the treatment’s utilization of unconventional elements with soothing ingredients offers a journey for nearly any person to clear their mind, rid themselves of poor energy and experience a taste of the richness of the desert.

Performing the Restorative Ritual

Treatment time length: approximately 80 minutes

Treatment cost: approximately $185

Products needed:
Salt body polish infused with juniper, cedarwood and jojoba
Sedona claySedona Clay
Body lotion infused with juniper, cedarwood and jojoba
A desert-inspired facial massage serum

Equipment needed:
Shower facilities
Woolen blankets
Thermal blanket
Plastic sheet (if desired)
Bath towels, hand towels, wash clothes and bath mats
Fetish stones
Sage wands
Disposable gloves

Step 1: The Introductory Talk
Begin the journey by discussing the treatment with the client for a few minutes and helping her to select a handmade desert fetish stone. These stones feature various desert- and Native American-inspired designs, each of which corresponds to a specific message of peace and restoration. The client keeps the stone with her throughout the entire treament ritual, aiding in her meditation and total immersion in the experience.

Step 2: The Juniper Cedarwood Desert Salt Body Polish
The actual treatment begins with an application of the juniper cedarwood desert salt body polish, enveloping the body in the rich, earthy scents of desert woods and aromatic herbs. The client lies down on the treatment table dressed with an open sheet, folded sheet and woolen blanket, and the polish is applied to the entire body with gloved hands. As relaxation and rejuvenation are at the center of this treatment journey, soothing strokes and relaxing massage techniques should be utilized in smoothing and enhancing the skin. At then end of this step, allow the client a few minutes to shower off the scrub, providing her with fluffy bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes, while redressing the table with fresh sheets and a fresh blanket.
Step 3: The Juniper Cedarwood Sacred Desert Sedona Clay Mask
Again, have the client lie on the table, then apply a full-body mask of the detoxifying, enriching, energizing Sedona clay. The clay mask is also put onto the body with gloved hands, and its intoxicating scents and sensations help the client to find an inner peaceful calm that centers her. After the clay is applied, a new set of sheets, as well as wool and thermal blankets, are used to wrap the client mummy-style, aiding in infusing the ingredients into the skin and body.
Step 4: The Cocoon Wrap and Sage Smudging
While wrapped in the warm cocoon and experiencing the effects of the Sedona clay, the client’s desert fetish stone is placed on her heart to help her relax and meditate on the experience. To enhance detoxification, the smoke of burning sage wands is fanned over the client with feathers. This helps to clear out old energies as well as bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. To further heighten the senses, a 10-point pressure massage is performed on the face and neck using a facial massage serum that includes desert-evoking ingredients such as desert chaparral, sea buckhorn berry, rosewood, lavender and other essential oils, and a rainstick also is “played” for an authentic experience. After the completion of this step, help the client to unwrap and allow her another few minutes to shower off the clay while the table is again redressed.
Step 5: The Juniper Cedarwood Jojoba Body Lotion
For the final component of the ritual, the client again lies on the table, and juniper cedarwood jojoba body lotion is applied, hydrating, soothing and healing the skin. Then, to end the restorative journey, the treatment is completed with a rejuvenating scalp massage and the revelation of the meaning of the desert fetish stone, which she takes home with her. Allow a final few minutes to discuss the stone’s meaning, helping your client to fully understand it and to answer any questions she might have. This time also allows the client to ingest the full effects of the revitalizing treatment, restoring the mind and spirit, as well as the skin.

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