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POLY, short for polychromatic light therapy system, is our newest innovation in light therapy. Used by estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, anti-aging and wellness centers and more, POLY utilizes multiple wavelengths of light to provide a wide variety of esthetic and wellness treatment options. With its five-panel FLEX designed head, which offers more articulation than any system on the market, and its interchangeable monochromatic and combination therapy heads, POLY is meant for everyone. In fact, we named POLY exactly for that reason. Derived from the word ‘many,’ POLY is built for many people, to treat many conditions, in many different ways. With POLY, the newest face in light therapy, your options are limitless.

POLY’s four interchangeable light head options are engineered to target a wide variety of skin conditions. Our Rejuv model utilizes the power of red light, which has been proven to diminish pore size, improve texture and skin tone, increase skin elasticity and skin rejuvenation, and reduce and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Our Clear model harnesses blue light which is clinically proven to destroy P. acnes bacteria to clear complexion, diminish pore size, minimize blemishes and scarring, improve and even out skin tone, and increase moisture retention. Our Regen model is powered by infrared light, which is proven to manage feelings of pain and discomfort, reduce inflammation and healing recovery times, minimize joint stiffness, swelling, and aches, and improve physical performance and dexterity.

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In addition to POLY’s attractive light head options, the system's touch screen interface allows users to set treatment times and leave the device to do the work. This hands-free, attendant- free feature was designed with estheticians and medical practitioners in mind; we understand you are looking for options with zero down-time that still allow you to boost treatment results and  increase revenue. The wheeled base makes moving POLY from room to room a virtually effortless transition. An esthetician is able to use the device for an anti-aging treatment and then minutes later move POLY into a massage room to use for pain relief and healing. POLY was engineered for the versatile and modern professional — a device that truly will evolve with you and your ever-changing business model.

POLY is an innovative standalone service, but its potential as an add-on treatment option is even more remarkable. Red light has been utilized to increase effectiveness and maintain results for many esthetic procedures. While plastic surgeons may harness red light in the post-treatment phase of a Botox procedure, estheticians can use that same red light session to boost results from a facial. POLY’s unique ability to work for a wide array of beauty professionals make it a one-of-a-kind device. Investing in light therapy means enhancing your clients’ experience while increasing your revenue.

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Our company, MedTek LED, is a subsidiary of 25-year-old UVBioTek a rare skin disease light therapy company. With hundreds of clinics and thousands of home users, MedTek LED and UVBioTek deliver cutting edge light-based products grounded in established scientific and clinical evidence combined with accessible customer service and support. We believe that our history, culture, and commitment to improve the quality of life through the benefits of light science and technology puts us at the forefront of this growing field. We trust in the power of POLY and feel that it will continue to evolve as a staple in aesthetic and wellness practices world-wide. Offering light therapy in your spa menu mix will become an irreplaceable part of your business model while making you a pioneer for the science of light.


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