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4 Skin Care Hacks to Avoid

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Coffee as an exfoliant is too harsh for the skin and can cause irritation.

Social media has a tendency to bring life and popularity to new skin care trends. While this can be useful and educational for learning some new tricks,  it can also be dangerous if not fact-checked.

B104 spoke with dermatologist Muneeb Shah, M.D., to get his take on skin care trends clients should avoid. Due to the potential harm, irritation or overall lack of proven benefits, Shah recommends avoiding: 

  • toothpaste on pimples- toothpaste formulated today doesn’t contain triclosan, which has antibacterial properties. 

  • coffee ground scrub- coffee is too harsh on the skin and can cause irritation and abrasion. 

  • DIY microneedling- poking tiny holes in the skin can lead to irritation, allergy and infection. 

  • potatoes on acne spots- the benefits are unproven, plus there are easier alternative such as pimple patches and spot treatments. 

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