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Reflections: Perspective

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I have been doing a lot of interviews lately about reopening, which I hope you’ve had a chance to see on Skin Inc.’s Facebook page (@skinincmag). We have been talking about licensing, regulations, sanitation, client communication, treatment menus and so much more. While these interviews have given me a great deal of information, beyond that, they’ve given me a new perspective.

As Elaine Sauer notes in her article, although this pandemic has challenged us all with great hardship, perhaps it is also a strange gift. Perhaps it is an opportunity to stop giving so much for a few moments, relax and take care of ourselves. This industry is traditionally comprised of givers, and we all know you can’t care for another if you have nothing to give yourself. This is the time we have to be mindful in our own thoughts, to disconnect from outside noise and to enjoy those closest to us (at a safe distance, of course).

Also, it just might be the break we needed to truly evaluate our team to decide what works and what doesn’t. If there has been an employee that has caused you grief in the best times, there is no better time to evaluate their performance and make a plan for them. Conversely, if you aren’t providing a great environment for your staff, now is the time to improve it with help from Elizabeth Donat, as they get ready to make your space safe in the new normal.

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As we reopen our businesses, there are going to be restrictions on the treatments we can practice in certain states for awhile. However, maybe that is an opportunity to learn some new skills and bring in some new treatments into you spa to boost your revenue for years to come. Maxie Frericks explores what it is going to look like in reopening for waxers and new treatments, trends and products that waxers can pick up for extra income.

To all those getting ready to reopen their doors, I hope a little perspective helps you do so both safely and successfully. And to all those that have had to close their doors permanently due to hardship, there is another course out there for you, and we are here for you all the way.

Yours in a Mask,

Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

Editor In Chief

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