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Reflections: A Positive Pursuit

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How do you feel about education? I’m guessing that you are constantly on the pursuit of knowledge, solely based on the fact that you are reading this right now. By reading an industry magazine, you are already knowingly, or perhaps unknowingly, expanding your mind and elevating your knowledge. By reading Skin Inc., you are increasing your learning multifold because it is a cornerstone of all of the content that we produce.

If you are like most lifelong learners, you want education on a variety of subjects, and you want to consume it in different ways. We at Skin Inc. recognize that, and we want to join you in your journey, delivering the subjects you need in the formats that serve you best.

Take this issue, for example. In these pages, you will find articles on the science of peptides, misconceptions on light therapy, electrophysiology, PRP vs. PRF and the biggest mistakes people make with education. In the latter article by Terri Wojak, two mistakes she notes are limiting yourself and not evolving.

Just as your education should not be confined to the pages of this magazine, neither should ours. In this month alone, you can read an online exclusive on on the hottest anti-aging treatments, find a directory of the best spa education in our Digital Magazine and attend a free mini-webcast on tattoo waxing during your lunchbreak.

Want to take it a step further? Attend a Face & Body event in one of our three locations (Atlanta, San Jose and Rosemont) and get your education in person from some of our industry’s best. There you will find treatment demonstrations, in-depth scientific education, business classes and more, designed in a variety of formats to fit your budget and your schedule.

When it comes to education, I guess you could say we are just like you. Our quest is never completed, we are constantly evolving, we are continually expanding and our mutual goal is one in the same—to make the pursuit positive.

Yours in Education,

Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

Senior Managing Editor

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