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Why Having a Mentor is Key to Succeeding in the Spa Industry

Whether an esthetician's goal is to open their own business or create a product line, having a mentor provide insight based on past experiences and industry knowledge is just another way to help reach the end goal.

SkinTrust Society Sets a New Global Standard

Because skin care products and cosmetics are not evaluated by regulatory or independent authorities—and are instead self-approved by individual companies—the SkinTRUST Society resolved to develop a comprehensive standard that requires product studies to substantiate both safety and efficacy.

5 Tips For Making Your Spa More Green

A panel of experts spoke to Face & Body Northern California attendees about what it means to be green and how to decide what approach is right for their business.

Your Retail Survival Guide

Annet King, vice president of global education at Elemis, gave attendees tips on surviving the ever-changing retail landscape.

Celebrating 30 Years With Advice for Succeeding in the Advancing Industry

Skin Inc. celebrated our 30th anniversary by doing more than drinking champagne and eating some food. We brought together a panel of industry veterans and experts to discuss what has changed in the industry and what that means for the future.

Add Joy Into Your Business to Get it Booming

Dawn Kaiser, certified HR professional, was the first keynote speaker at Face & Body in San Jose, and she thoroughly discussed how bringing joy into yours and your client's life can make for a better business.

Then and Now: U.S. Spa History Timeline

Celebrate 30 years with Skin Inc. by going back in time to see the milestones that have led to what this great industry looks like today.

THEN & NOW: Men In Esthetics: A 27-Year Postscript

The role of men in esthetics has definitely changed over the past 30 years, but the real question is how much has it changed really and in what ways?

3 Things Clients Want From Beauty Brands

Getting clients to buy retail can be very difficult and stressful when they choose not to. These three tips will show you a new approach you can take selling clients retail by looking through the eyes of a beauty brand.

CIDESCO and Bellus Bring Certificates to the U.S.

CIDESCO’s skin care and body therapy certificates are coming to cosmetology schools across the U.S., beginning with San Diego’s Bellus Academy.

A Unique Celebration for Iowa Spa

Unique Salon and Spa of Atlantic, Iowa recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a day full of food and fun.

J-Beauty Extends to J-Wellness

It started with K-Beauty, which gave way to J-Beauty and now J-Wellness. Learn the wellness-based lifestyle habits from the Japanese culture to see how they're really keeping their skin, mind and body healthy.

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