Studies Find Cocoa Flavanol Reduces Skin Aging Progression


Science is identifying how chocolate can result in leaving skin beautiful and ageless.

Cell culture studies utilizing skin cells proved flavanol­­­­­­­—a compound found in various cocoa products—can help protect the cells from light-induced oxidative damage, according to Knowridge Science Report.

Additional studies showed humans consuming cocoa flavanol have skin that becomes more refractory to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.

Despite studies showing flavanol having a beneficial impact on human skin, not all studies are consistent with their findings, which urges scientists to identify other responsible factors.

Sipping on Cocoa Flavanol

Recently, 62 healthy, middle-aged women with visible wrinkles completed a six-month study to test the effects of consuming a cocoa flavanol-rich beverage on skin integrity.

Half the group—assigned at random to prevent bias—was required to consume a cocoa beverage containing 320 milligrams of cocoa flavanols daily, while the rest of the group was provided with a flavanol-free cocoa-based beverage. From another viewpoint, dark chocolate candy can consist of anywhere from 50 to 300 milligrams of flavanol per single serving.

Skin Measurements

Throughout the study, the area around the eyes where crow’s feet and wrinkles are common was measured for:

Results toward the end of the study—which were published in The Journal of Nutrition showed the women consuming the cocoa beverage had less severe wrinkles and better skin elasticity than the controlled group of women. 

Additional results of the study showed flavanol consumption had no effect on skin hydration. The researchers suggest regular cocoa flavanol consumption may be a beneficial method for prevention of skin aging progression.

Source: Knowridge Science Report

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