Teen Boys are Increasingly Interested in Skin Care

Portrait of smiling teenage boy with acne problem who takes care his face skin at home. He looking in the mirror and wipes face with towel in bathroom.
Teenage boys are increasingly interested in using skin care products to combat acne.

Many young children are asking their parents and caregivers to purchase skin care products that contain harsh ingredients, like retinols or acids, that are popular on social media, according to skin care company Stryke Club

Stryke Club was founded to help teenage boys achieve clear skin while leaving out all the harmful ingredients found in many products developed for their age groups. The founders noticed their sons were struggling with acne but didn’t have the proper tools to fight it. So, they put their heads together to find a remedy for teenage boy breakouts in a world that does not prioritize skin care for boys.

After more than two years of development led by co-founder and board-certified pediatric dermatologist Sheilagh Maguiness, M.D., Stryke Club launched a line of products designed for teenagers’ unique and changing skin barrier, unexpected breakouts and irritation and acne related to adolescent testosterone and shaving. 

Teen and tween boys are increasingly using skin care products, according to a recent article by Mintel, “Product usage among U.S. boys is high, with more than two in five boys aged 12-17 using facial cleansing products." For boys, the products that they are applying to their skin must be crafted specifically for their needs.

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“Boys are actually more likely to be adversely affected by acne since male hormones and more sebaceous glands on boys' skin can contribute to the severity. Tween and teen boys engaging in complicated, multi-step skin care regimens is unnecessary and has no benefit. At worst, it can compromise the developing skin barrier leading to irritant or allergic contact dermatitis, infection, acne exacerbation and more,” says Dr. Sheilagh Maguiness, a board-certified pediatric dermatologist, and Stryke Club co-founder.

“Teen skin care trends fueled by social media often prioritize popularity over safety, leading to harmful products gaining traction. Brands prey on teens' insecurities, prioritizing profit over well-being. It's time to demand accountability and prioritize authenticity in skincare choices,” says Darci Rosenblum, co-founder of Stryke Club.

Dr. Maguiness said, “Boys are less likely to be using a multistep regimen for their skin care, and in fact, boys are less likely to be even washing their face. It's interesting that all the products marketed to the girls are all trendy, status symbol driven, brightly packaged/feminine products while the boys are continuing to be left out of this conversation, but it's so important that boys' needs are met too – in the right way. The bottom line is that intense social media marketing of adult oriented products to tweens and teens is not appropriate. More board certified pediatric and general dermatologists are building safer skincare brands that are appropriate and beneficial for tweens and teens changing skin needs and that is where parents should be spending their dollars. Ignore the marketing sizzle and focus on the formulas."

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