Face It Skin's Problem Skin Elixir Fights Acne and Reduces Dark Spots

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Problem Skin Elixir by Face It Skin is designed for deeper stubborn acne caused by hormones. It has slow-release retinol that is encapsulated in vegetable oil and releases on demand, working on cell turnover (pigmentation) and fine lines. Partnered with salicylic acid, it aids in reducing inflammation, redness and waste in clogged pores.

Tested on people with real skin issues, this elixir helps cells of hormonal acne turnover faster to reduce the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. It also helps the pigmentatin from acne cycle faster, reducing the appearance of dark spots. Plus, it cleans pores for a tighter pore response, helping reduce the appearance of large pores.

Vitamin C aids in clearing up acne while your senses are ignited with thyme (increases circulation), rosemary (decongests, inflammation), cypress (balance sebum) and lavender (antimicrobial) and milk thistle (helps skin repair). Combining these ingredients on the skin signals the brain for a positive skin response action.

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