Spa Week Offers Marketing Package With iPhone, Android Apps

Spa Week Media Group is offering a cost-efficient, all-inclusive membership marketing program—most notably including applications for iPhone and Android operating systems—for its spa and wellness partners nationwide.

The program is designed to help merchants boost their spa and wellness businesses and customer retention on a daily, 24-hour basis.

“Ultimately, we are keeping in alignment with our goal of driving more and more consumers into spas and making the wellness lifestyle as accessible as possible,” Spa Week Media Group CEO Cheryl Reid said.

The six-program package, which the marketing company called the “very first in the industry,” will cost $199.99 per month. Specifically, it contains one of Spa Week’s newest additions: mobile app technology for spa and wellness businesses, which represents a significant cost savings for merchant members. Each customized app includes technology for online booking, a spa menu, contact info, business hours, a mapping tool with GPS and the ability to mass message all users.

The marketing bundle also includes access to biannual Spa Week events as well as marketing services such as monthly spa deals, premier listings (including links to Facebook and Twitter accounts), a national gift card program and online booking. The online scheduling service offers real-time booking technology through a sync with the users’ existing calendars, making it easier to drive in additional bookings through The service can also be used as a primary booking system for businesses that currently don’t use electronic booking.

Separately, Spa Week told Skin Inc. that its online directory of all Spa Week participants in its fall 2012 event (Oct. 15-21) will go live on Sept. 10, which is when all member applications for the marketing bundle will be complete.  


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