ISPA Releases New U.S. Spa Industry Statistics

The International SPA Association (ISPA) has released new statistics from the ISPA 2011 U.S. Spa Industry Study. ISPA commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct the survey which is updated every year with five key statistics crucial to the spa industry including revenue, spa visits, the number of spa locations, total employment in the industry and square footage.

"The key message from the survey is the spa industry in the U.S. is recovering from the worst recession to hit the country in living memory," said Colin McIlheney, Global Research Director at PwC. "The most positive takeaway from the study is that the health of the industry has stabilized after the declines recorded last year. ‘Cautiously optimistic' would sum up the recurring theme from many respondents."

ISPA 2011 U.S. Spa Industry Study

2009 (year end)

  • Revenue: $12.3 billion
  • Spa Visits: 143 million
  • Locations: 20,600

2010 (year end)

  • Revenue: $12.8 billion
  • Spa Visits: 150 million
  • Locations: 19,900

May 2010

  • Total Employees: 332,000
  • Full-time: 138,100
  • Part-time: 137,200
  • Contract: 56,800
  • Square Footage: 76 million square feet

May 2011

  • Total Employees: 338,600
  • Full-time: 149,200
  • Part-time: 134,200
  • Contract: 55,200
  • Square Footage: 76 million square feet

The study indicates Americans are going to the spa more often and this fact has led to revenue growth. The increase in revenue is in line with the moderate pace of growth in the economy. Measures taken by spas to increase business included offerings through Web sites, special values and promotions, social media efforts and connecting within their local communities. The economic recovery pace could not maintain the number of spa locations, resulting in a three percent decrease in the number of spas. Employment in the industry grew, but the lack of qualified therapists in the market is an underlying issue the spa community has been facing for several years.

"Since the first spa industry study was conducted in 2000 we've seen the spa industry flourish," said ISPA President Lynne McNees. "Now more than ever it's important for our industry to educate consumers about the benefits of a spa experience. The challenge for many spas in the coming year will be balancing discounting in order to incentivize spa-goers."

*The full 2011 U.S. Spa Industry Study will be released later this year.

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