DSA Releases 2010 Day-Spa Goer Report

The 2010 The Marketing Demographics of a Day Spa Goer report from the Day Spa Association (DSA) shares a study of new data compiled from an online research survey with results from 2000 through 2009, compiled by Marc Williams of Resources and Development.

This report may help you to better understand your client, who they are and what their preferences are. This valuable study may help to better introduce your typical day spa client to you in terms of who they are, what they like and what is important to them. It may help you make changes in your day spa business that your client will appreciate while putting you ahead of your competition. The information shared in this study may help to clarify your future marketing approach.

Key findings: This report reveals that although men are still in the minority of day spa clients, they are spending more and they are more loyal to a day spa facility than their female counterparts. The age group under 25 spends less money at a day spa, yet is inclined to buy more take home retail products. The 60+ age group is still small in numbers, yet these aging baby boomers spend more per visit. They will become more important as they plan to increase taking advantage of day spa services in the near future. There are still many consumers who are still not yet familiar with what services, products and benefits are offered by day spas.

In addition to regular demographic statistics, this study answers such questions as spending habits, the most desired service treatments, what they remember about their spa treatments, how they feel about the pricing and value of services, as well as professional product sales and spa travel trends. One special section consolidates many of the comments made by the Day Spa Goer Survey respondents. Their comments give a unique “guest only” perspective of their spa experiences and what, as operators, you should know to improve their experience.

This new report sells for $175/only $145 for DSA members and it can be ordered online. 201-865-2065, www.dayspaassociation.com

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