Sunless Tanner Down from 2006

Women are using less sunless tanner, according to a recent report by Mintel International. According to the market research company, sunless tanner sales have actually fallen since 2006. In 2007, the sunless tanning market netted just US$181 million, down 5% ($10 million) from 2006, when a stream of new products were introduced to the market.

"Consumers rushed to the market to try new products but backed off after the initial trial. It appears that people weren't fully satisfied with the effects of sunless tanners," explained Kat Fay, senior analyst at Mintel, in the report.

The research company found that in addition to women's complaint that sunless tanners do not produce a natural-looking tan, 42% of women surveyed found the product  too hard to apply. Additionally, 33% of those surveyed stopped using the products because the results appear too artificial.

Mintel found that 61% of consumers look for a product that works quickly and reliably. And then there is safety, with 39% of consumers  using sunless tanning products to decrease the risk of damaging sun exposure. Finally, consumers reportedly are looking for sunless tanning products that provide skin care benefits, as 16% of those surveyed use sunless tanners on a regular basis in place of moisturizer. For more information, visit

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