Happy Easter Egg-Decorating Tips From Skin Inc. magazine

Happy Easter from the staff at Skin Inc. magazine! Enjoy these unique tips for egg decorating from Minoo's Aesthetic Institute.

What you need:
6-12 eggs
5 red onion skins
Wild flower leaves of your choice
2 spoons vinegar
Cold water
Large pot
Small towel
Light weight net
Take your wild flower leaves and place around your egg making shapes and patterns. Use net to hold your shapes in place by tying net around flowers and egg tightly. Use floss to tie up net at top. Place a small towel at bottom of your large pot and place your eggs gently in pot, on top of towel so they do not crack. Place your red onion skins in pot with eggs. Pour cold water in pot filling up to where eggs are covered. Turn on heat and boil your eggs for 1 hour. The onion skins will bleed during this process and give your eggs color. Let eggs cool over night. Remove netting and peel of flower leaves. Now your eggs have a beautiful design and color to them!

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