Top Cosmetic Searches Include Guyliner and Colored Mascara


The last two years have featured many trends including contouring, brow lamination and gua sha. Whether it's TikTok "skinfluencers" sparking the latest skin care obsession or celebrities sharing their favorite depuffing technique, your clients are interested in what's trending. 

Note Cosmetique conducted a study to find out what the top trending beauty and cosmetic searches were for 2020 and 2021 in the UK. Along with that information, they shared what they expect to start trending moving forward. Here are what your client's are searching for and interested in trying out in the future. 

  1. Eyeliner on guys has a 282.28% increase in searches.
  2. Violet mascara has a 200% increase in searches. 
  3. Graphic liner has a 191.67% increase in searches.
  4. Blue mascara has a 78.79% increase in searches.
  5. Black lipstick has a 58.46% increase in searches. 
  6. Red lipstick has a 44.05% increase in searches. 
  7. White eyeliner has a 38.79% increase in searches.
  8. Frosted lipstick has 35.71% increase in searches.
  9. Stained lips has a 33.33% increase in searches.
  10. Coral blush has a 21.88% increase in searches.

Estheticians and makeup artists can utilize this information to add new services and retail products that match their client's increased interest in what's trending. Expect to see some bright eyes, "guyliner" and colorful lip colors next year. 

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