New Kline Reports Look at the Beauty of Diversity


In a blog post titled “Embrace the Beauty of Diversity: Celebrating Black History Month,” Kline Blogs is taking time to recognize how the myriad different people in the United States help create a rich culture for the country, and how this affects innovation, product development and trends in the beauty industry.

The post notes, “We can all agree that the United States is a melting pot. To that end, demographically, Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Indian, and other people of color already account for over one-third of the U.S. population—and their spending power is rising fast, as well. According to the U.S. Census data, the Asian population, for example, has the highest annual household spending in the United States, seeing over 43% growth since 2000.

“These consumers are shaping new market segment definition by demanding products that they need and can identify with, in essence, forcing manufacturers to evolve their approach in terms of both product design and marketing messages. Manufacturers must also invest quite a bit into R&D to achieve success in this burgeoning arena. Marketers must inform themselves of crucial information about each ethnic group in order to create products catering just to them. Information considered crucial includes data based on Kline research, such as a significantly higher percentage of Hispanics use hair styling gel as compared non-Hispanics or that nearly 82% of the Hispanic consumers use perfumes or colognes compared to 61% of non-Hispanics. However, for marketers to really create a successful product and campaign, they need more.”

Drawing upon Kline’s previous research on particular demographic groups in the United States, Kline has created two timely resources addressing what multicultural consumers in the United States seek in beauty and grooming products, the Multicultural Consumer Insights: U.S. Beauty and Grooming Products and Multicultural Beauty and Grooming Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities.

In its first edition, the Multicultural Consumer Insights: U.S. Beauty and Grooming Products report, to be published later in 2014, will differentiate the needs and desires of each ethnic group, the brands they choose, and how and where they buy these products. The study will compare and contrast across gender, ethnic group, and race for questions including:

  • Which beauty and grooming brands do they choose?
  • What ethnic brands are popular?
  • Where do they shop for beauty and grooming products?
  • Are their needs met from the current cosmetics and toiletries market?
  • What concerns do they have about their skin and hair?

The beauty and grooming needs of non-Caucasians are unique, diverse, and sometimes disparate. From sundry hair and skin textures to varied cultural beauty norms, the differences between races and ethnic groups demand definitive formulations and appropriate marketing messages to truly court relevancy, acceptance, and success.

Kline’s Multicultural Beauty and Grooming Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities will assess the market for personal care products targeted to Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, and other people of color, providing data on market size, segmentation, and growth.

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